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      ( )6. — Why don’t we go out for a walk ?

      — _______.

      A. I’m not sure B. I hope not C. I’m afraid D. Good idea

      ( )7. There ______ a lot of traffic on the roads.

      A. are B. is C. have D. has

      ( )8. The cost of the trip is 10 yuan for each ______ .

      A. children B. men C. people D. person

      ( )9. This table is made _____ wood and that kind of paper is made ______ wood, too. They are all made ________ my hometown.

      A. of; from; in B. in; from; of C. for; of; in D. from; in; of

      ( )10. — I’m going to Hainan for a holiday.

      — ______________.

      A. Have a good time B. Never mind C. You are right D. Thanks

      ( )11. There goes the bell. Hurry up, _______ you’ll be late for class.

      A. and B. that C. or D. but

      ( )12. Everyone must learn to look after _____.

      A. themselves B. himself C. yourself D. herself

      ( )13. Do you still remember your trip _______ the World Park?

      A. for B. to C. in D. on

      ( )14. Work hard, _______ you will pass the driving test.

      A. and B. but C. because D. or

      ( )15. When I couldn’t work out the exercise, he stopped ____ me.

      A. help B. to help C. helping D. helps

      答案: 6——10 DBDAA 11——15 CABAB

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