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      Once, a king showed two men a large basket in the garden. He told them to fill it with water from a well. After they __1__ their work, he left them, saying, “When the sun is down, I will come and see your work.”

      At last one of them said, “What’s the use of doing this foolish work? We can __2__ fill the basket.” __3__ man answered, “That is none of your business.” The first man said. “You may do as you like, but I am not going to work at __4__ so foolish.” He __5__ his bucket and went away. The other man said no word, and kept on carrying __6__. At last the well was almost __7__.

      As he poured the last bucket of water into the basket, he saw a bright thing in it. He picked it up. It was a beautiful gold ring. Just then the king came. __8__ he saw the ring, he knew that he had found the kind of man he wanted. He told him to keep the ring for himself. “You __9__ so well in this little thing,” he said, “ __10__ now I know I can believe you with many things.”

      1. A. finishedB. didC. beganD. had

      3. A. The otherB. AnotherC. OneD. A second

      4. A. anything B. somethingC. nothing D. everything

      5. A. picked upB. put awayC. took awayD. threw away

      6. A. waterB. basketC. wellD. work

      7. A. fullB. emptyC. filledD. clean

      8. A. WhileB. As soon asC. BeforeD. Since

      9. A. have doneB. will doC. doD. are doing

      10. A. whatB. whyC. whenD. that

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