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      Food is very important. Everyone needs to __1__ well if he or she wants to have a strong body. Our minds also need a kind of food. This kind of food is __2__. We begin to get knowledge even __3__ we are very young. Small children are __4__ in everything around them. They learn __5__ while they are watching and listening. When they are getting older, they begin to __6__ story books, science books…, anything they like. When they find something new, they love to ask questions and __7__ to find out answers. What is the best __8__ to get knowledge? If we learn by ourselves, we will get __9__ knowledge. If we are __10__ getting answers from others and do not ask why, we will never learn well. When we study in the right way, we will learn more and understand better.

      1. A. sleepB. readC. drinkD. eat

      2. A. sportB. exerciseC. knowledgeD. meat

      3. A. untilB. whenC. afterD. so

      4. A. interested B. interestingC. weakD. better

      5. A. everythingB. somethingC. nothingD. anything

      6. A. lendB. readC. learnD. write

      7. A. tryB. haveC. refuseD. wait

      8. A. placeB. schoolC. wayD. road

      9. A. littleB. fewC. manyD. the most

      10. A. oftenB. alwaysC. usuallyD. something

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