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      Why do I want to go to college? No one has ever asked me __1 _ a question. But many times I have asked myself. I have __2__ a whole variety of reasons. __3__ important reason is that I want to be a better man.

      Many things make human beings different __4__ or better than or even superior to animals.

      One of the most important things is __5__ 。 If I fail to receive higher education, my education __6__. As I want to be a fully __7__ man, I must get a well-rounded education, which good colleges and universities are supposed to __8__. I know one can get educated in many ways, but colleges and universities are __9__ the best places to teach me how to educate myself. Only when I am well-educated, will I be a better human being and __10__ fit into society.

      1. A. quiteB. soC. suchD. another

      2. A. come up withB. agreed withC. been fed up withD. got on well with

      3. A. Most B. The mostC. MoreD. Much

      4. A. toB. aroundC. betweenD. from

      5. A. educationB. weatherC. temperatureD. science

      6. A. finishedB. don’t finishC. will not finishD. has finished

      7. A. developB. developedC. developingD. experience

      8. A. improveB. graduateC. hearD. provide

      9. A. betweenB. amongC. insideD. outside

      10. A. can goodB. may betterC. be able to betterD. be able to best

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