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      Farley worked for the Canadian government. One day, he was __1__ to learn more about wolves. Do wolves kill lots of caribou(北美驯鹿)? Do they kill people?

      They gave him lots of food and clothes and guns. Then they put him on a plane and took him to __2__. The plane put him down and went away. There were no houses or people in this place. But there were lots of animals and lots of wolves.

      People tell terrible stories about wolves. They say wolves like to kill and eat people. Farley remembered these stories, and he was __3__. He had his gun with him__4_.

      Then one day, he saw a group of wolves. There was a mother wolf with four baby wolves. A father wolf and another young wolf lived with them.

      Farley watched these wolves every day. The mother was a very __5__ mother. She gave milk to her babies. She gave them lessons about life. They learned how to __6__ food. The father wolf got food for the mother. The young wolf __7__ the children. They were a nice, happy family-wolf family! Farley did not need his __8__ any more. In a short time, he got on well with the family. Farley watched them for five months. He learned that many stories about the wolves were __9__. Wolves do not eat people, and they do not eat many large animals. And he also learned bad things about men. It was men who killed many caribou and wolves.

      Later, Farley wrote a book about wolves. He wanted people to __10__ them and not to kill them.

      1. A. seenB. toldC. heardD. found

      2. A. a small townB. a big cityC. a far placeD. a lonely village

      3. A. afraid B. happyC. angryD. tired

      4. A. at times B. all the timeC. once a week D. every afternoon

      5. A. bad B. good C. hungry D. thirsty

      6. A. cook B. make C. getD. pick

      7. A. shouted atB. looked intoC. laughed at D. played with

      8. A. food B. clothes C. gun D. plane

      9. A. not good B. not true C. not easy D. not clear

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