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      【5068初中网—初三英语阅读理解提升训练及答案三】同学们,Have you ever felt lonely and needed a friend? That is exactly how Angus MacMorrow feels in a new movie out in China on February 17.大家清楚什么意思吗,一起来看下面老师整理一些阅读理解提升训练及答案吧,详情请看


      Have you ever felt lonely and needed a friend? That is exactly how Angus MacMorrow feels in a new movie out in China on February 17.

      Angus is a boy living in Scotland during World War II. He shares his home with British soldiers. They think the Germans might use the lake, Loch Ness (尼斯湖), to attack Britain. One day Angus’s life changes forever.

      Angus finds a strange egg near the loch. He brings it home and the egg hatches (孵化). Angus names the animal Crusoe. Crusoe has brought a lot of happiness to Angus’ life. Unable to find his new friend in a textbook, Angus shows it to his sister, Kirstie, and the house’s new caretaker (管家), Lewis. Lewis explains that it’s a water horse. According to Scottish legend, the water horse is a lonely animal that lays just one egg, then dies. Angus can understand this. His father still hasn’t returned from the war.

      Crusoe grows larger every day. He eats lots of food from the kitchen. He seems happiest in the water. Crusoe also starts to get into trouble around the house. He makes an enemy of the cook’s dog. The two have a big fight.

      One day, Crusoe grows so big that Angus can no longer hide him in the house. With the help of Lewis, Angus secretly takes Crusoe to the loch. Now Crusoe has room to live and play. But the war is still going on. The loch is a dangerous place. Fighting soon breaks out. Angus and Crusoe must fight to save each other.

      If you want to find out what happens to the two, check out The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (《尼斯湖怪:深水传说》).

      ( ) 40. What do you think the reading above is mainly about?

      A. A Scottish boy during World War Two.

      B. A lonely boy named Angus MacMorrow.

      C. A happy life brought by Crusoe.

      D. The real friendship between Angus and Crusoe.

      ( ) 41. From the reading above, we know that Angus life begins to change ________.

      A. after he finds an egg near the loch

      B. when he stays with British soldiers

      C. before he feels lonely in his house

      D. as Crusoe grows lager every day

      ( ) 42. Who do you think Kirstie is in the reading?

      A. Angus’s caretaker. B. Angus’s friend.

      C. Angus’s sister. D. Angus’s cook.

      ( ) 43. Why does Angus secretly takes Crusoe to the loch with the help of Lewis?

      A. There is no room for Cusoe to live and play.

      B. Crusoe grows too big to hide in the house.

      C. Angus and Crusoe might fight to save each other.

      D. The loch is a dangerous play to hide himself.

      ( ) 44. The underlined part “the two” in the reading above refers to (指的是) ______.

      A. Kirstie and Lewis. B. Lewis and Crusoe.

      C. Angus and Kirstie. D. Angus and Cruso.

      答案:  40. D 41. A 42. C 43. B 44. D

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