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      【5068初中网—初三英语阅读理解提升训练及答案四】同学们,Pollution, which makes land useless, is another reason for the big drop in China's farmland. 看懂这样的句子还需要我们加强练习哦,一起来看下面老师整理一些阅读理解提升训练及答案吧,详情请看


      YANG Nan, 17, was happy to move to her new home in a northern area of Beijing. She was told that her neighborhood used to be farmland planted with vegetables, corn and wheat.But looking at the new road, beautiful park and supermarkets, Yang couldn't see any sign that food was once grown there.

      Yang is not alone. In recent years, many Chinese people have moved into new houses in country areas. Tall buildings have been built everywhere in the suburbs. The crops and fruit trees are no more. But these changes have caused problems too, warns Gan Zang chun, an official (官员) at the Ministry of Land and Resources (国土资源部).

      "Chinese cities are growing fast. This has made the area for farmland much smaller. This is really bad for the country's ability to grow food, not to mention the lives of farmers," said Gan last Monday.

      The country needs farmland to grow food for the people of China. But the recent rise in house prices has made selling land a good business. A lot of land has been used to build new houses for sale.

      Pollution, which makes land useless, is another reason for the big drop in China's farmland. About 2.67 million square kilometers of land in China have been polluted and turned into desert.

      The government wants China to have at least 120 million hectares (公顷) of farmland. But there are only about 121.8 million hectares left. "It will be really difficult to reach the goal", Gan said. He said that the government would fight illegal (非法的) land use and stop farmland from becoming desert.

      ( ) 45. The article seems to tell us that ___________.

      A. farmland is in danger

      B. countrysides are turned into towns

      C. farmland has been sold

      D. Chinese cities are grown fast

      ( ) 46. From what Gan Zangchun said, he is worrying about ____________.

      A. China’s development

      B. land and resources

      C. Chinese people’s life

      D. illegal land use

      ( ) 47. What size of the land have been polluted and turned into desert?

      A. 120 million hectares.

      B. 121.8 million hectares.

      C. 2.67 million square kilometres.

      D. Millions of square kilometres.

      答案: 45. A 46. B 47. C

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