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      Now satellites are helping to forecast(预报) the weather. They are in space, and they can reach any part of the world. The satellites take pictures of the atmosphere(大气),because this is where the weather forms. They send these pictures to the weather station. So the scientists there can see the weather of any part of the world and tell how the weather will change.?

      Today, nearly five hundred weather stations in sixty countries can receive satellite pictures. When they receive the new pictures, they compare them with the earlier ones. Perhaps they may find that the clouds have changed during the last few hours! This may mean that the weather on the ground may soon change, too. In their next weather forecast, they can tell people about it.

      So the weather satellites are of a great help to the scientists at the station. In the past they could forecast the weather for about 24 or 48 hours earlier. Now they can make good forecasts for 3 or 5 days. Soon, perhaps, they may be able to forecast the weather for a week or more ahead.?

      (B) 1.The weather forms ______.

      A. in any part of the world B. in the atmosphere

      C. in space D. on the ground

      (C) 2.Changing clouds in the atmosphere means _______.

      A. a rainy day B. a windy day

      C. that the weather will change D. a sunny day

      (B) 3.Without satellites, scientists could forecast the weather for ____ahead.

      A. a week or more B. 1 or 2 days

      C. 3 or 5 days D. only 3 days

      (D) 4.The main idea of this passage is that satellites are now used in _____.

      A. taking pictures of the atmosphere? B. many ways

      C. receiving pictures of the atmosphere D. weather forecastin

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