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      Football is a popular sport. Many games are held in different places every year. World Cup is a game that all the good players want to play most. It is held every four years. Only the best team can win the last game.

      The 1998 World Cup started in France. Hundreds of thousands of people went to the games or watched them on TV day and night. They all got very excited and hoped that their favourite team would become the world's best one.?

      Football is a team sport. There are eleven players in each team of a game. The earliest games of football in England were not like that we know today. Games were played between two towns. Each team of the town had more than five hundred players, and each team had to try to carry the ball to the other team's town. Today some towns in England still play games like this.

      (C) 1.The next World Cup will be held in ________.

      A. many years B. a few years C. 2002 D. 2004

      (C) 2.When football was first played in England, there were about _____players in each team.

      A. eleven B. twenty-two C. five hundred D. one thousand

      (D) 3.Hundreds of thousands of people go to the World Cup games because ______.

      A. they are going to see their friends

      B. they love to drink the world's best cup of tea

      C. they are the players of the games

      D. they want to watch their favourite team win

      (B) 4. Which of the following is right?

      A. People go to the World Cup games every year

      B. To the football players, the World Cup games are the most important

      C. Today no one plays football like the English people did before

      D. Only a few people went to the 1998 World Cup games

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