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      北京奥运会期间,有一大批外国人来北京参观。假设你是导游,请根据以下内容,向外宾简单介绍北京的情况。 要求: 1. 100 词左右; 2. 要点包括: a. 有悠久的历史b. 有许多名胜古迹

      Ladies and gentlemen,(女士们、先生们)

      Welcome to BeiJing, now let me introduce Beijng to you.(欢迎到北京,我来介绍北京给大家。)

      Beijing is a city with a long history. It is in the north of China. It has a population of 13,240,000.(北京是一个历史悠久的城市,它位于中国的北部,人口13.240.000)

      There are many places of interest in Beijing, such as the Summer Palace and so on.(北京有很多名胜古迹,象颐和园等等。) The Great Wall is a beautiful place.( 长城是个漂亮的地方。).There is a saying that he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man. (有句谚语说:不到长城非好汉)The water in Miyun Reservoir is clean and not polluted. (密云水库的水很干净没有受污染。)There are all kinds of fish in it. (里边有各种各样的鱼。)You can go boating, go fishing, canada goose parka and have a picnic there.(那里你可以划船、钓鱼或者野炊。) It is really a good place to spend your holiday. (那里真是个度假的好地方。)Besides, you can go and visit Beijing Museum. (此外,你还可以去游览北京博物馆。)There you can see a lot of dinosaur egg fossils.(那里你可以看到很多恐龙蛋和化石。)

      I hope you can enjoy yourselves in Beijing.(我希望大家在北京玩得开心快乐。)

      Thank you.(谢谢)

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