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      【5068初中网—初三英语阅读理解综合练习及答案详解五】同学们我们一起来看看Mr King works in a shop and drives a car for the manager. He drives carefully and can keep calm in time of danger. 这个阅读理解综合练习,答案详解就在习题下面,大家练习之后和正确答案核对一下哦。


      Mr King works in a shop and drives a car for the manager. He drives carefully and can keep calm in time of danger. And he escaped from several accidents. The manager pays him more and the traffic policemen often speak highly of him.

      Mr Baker, one of his friends, works in a factory outside the city. It‘s far from his house and he has to go to work by bus. As the traffic is crowded in the morning, sometimes he’s late for the work. His manager warns the young man that he will be sent away unless he gets to his office on time. He hopes to buy a car, but he hasn‘t enough money. He decides to buy an old one. He went to the flea (跳蚤) market and at last he chose a beautiful but cheap car. He said he wanted to have a trial (试验) drive, the seller agreed. He called Mr King and asked him to help him.

      Mr King examined the car at first and then drove it away. It was five in the morning and there were few cars in the street. At first he drove slowly and it worked well. Then he drove fast. And when he reached a crossing, the lights turned red. He tried to stop it, but he failed and nearly hit an old woman who was crossing the street. A policeman told him to stop, but the car went on until it hit a big tree by the road.

      “Didn‘t you hear me?” the policeman asked angrily.

      “Yes, I did, sir,” said Mr King, “Since it doesn‘t listen to me,can it obey you?”


      1. Mr King is paid more because he _______.

      A. always drives very slowly B. is not afraid of danger

      C. had driven for years D. drives very well

      2. Mr Baker went to the flea market to _______.

      A. buy a second-hand car B. have a trial drive

      C. choose a new car D. sell his old car

      3. Mr King tried to stop the car when _______.

      A. he saw an old woman crossing the street

      B. he saw a big tree

      C. the traffic lights turned red

      D. the policeman shouted angrily at him

      4. Which of the following is true?

      A. Mr King will be sent away if he keeps being late

      B. Mr Baker can‘t afford to buy an old car

      C. Mr King didn‘t hear the policeman

      D. Something was wrong with the car

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