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      【5068初中网—初三英语阅读理解综合练习及答案详解六】同学们我们一起来练习一下这个I will always remember my mother‘s last few days in this world.阅读理解综合练习,从中找到解题的技巧哦,详情请看


      I will always remember my mother‘s last few days in this world.

      On February 14th,2000,my class went on a field trip to the beach. I had so much fun. When we returned to school,my teacher told me to go to the headmaster‘s office. When I got into the office,I saw a police officer. Suddenly I realized something was wrong. The police officer told me what had happened and we went to pick my sister up. After that,we went to the hospital and waited. Time went slowly. Finally,we got to see our mother. It was terrible.

      On the next day,the headmaster came and told my two teachers what had happened. I was taking a rest that day. I knew it had something to do with my mother. I kept thinking that she either died or had gotten better. How I wished that she had gotten better. When my teacher took me outside,my sister ran up to me. She started crying,“She‘s gone. Teresa,mommy’s gone. She‘s dead.” I couldn’t believe it. We jumped into the car and drove straight to the hospital. Most of my family were there. The silence was terrible. I knew I had to say goodbye.

      Today when I look back,I still miss my mother very much,but I know that I will live. My mother was a strong mother,who had the biggest heart. My mother was an angel walking on the earth. I will always remember her as living. When someone is asked who their hero (英雄) is,they usually say someone famous,like Michael Jordan or Britney Spears. When someone asks me who my hero is,I tell them,my mother. My mother lives every day. That is what makes her a true hero.


      1. Where was the writer when she learned her mother was very ill?

      A. On the beach. B. At the hospital.

      C. At school. D. At home.

      2. Who brought the writer the bad news that her mother was ill?

      A. Her sister. B. The headmaster.

      C. Her teacher. D. The police officer.

      3. What did the headmaster tell the two teachers on the next day?

      A. Her mother had been very ill.

      B. Her mother had been dead.

      C. Her mother had gotten better.

      D. Her sister came to see her.

      4. From the last paragraph of the passage we know that _______.

      A. the writer is afraid of her mother

      B. the writer is proud of her mother

      C. the writer feels sad about her mother

      D. the writer feels sorry for her mother

      5. The writer must think her mother is a _______ woman.

      A. famous B. free

      C. rich D. great


      1. 选C.根据短文的第2段句子When we returned to school,my teacher told me to…可知,当我回到学校以后,才得知母亲生病的消息,即当作者得知母亲病重时,当时她is at school(在学校)。

      2. 选D.根据第2段的句子The police officer told me what had happened and…可知,老师叫我去校长办公室,但真正告诉我发生了什么事的是the police officer.故答案选D.

      3. 选B.在短文的第3段开头讲到了第二天发生的事。校长告诉我的两个老师发生了什么事,然后紧接着借妹妹之口:She‘s gone. Teresa,mommy’s gone. She‘s dead.使读者知道,校长告诉老师的事是My mother had been dead(我的母亲死了)。

      4. 选B.在短文的最后一段,作者反复提到这样的字眼:a strong mother,had the biggest heart,an angel,字里行间都充满着自豪之情。故答案选B.

      5. 选D.最后一段说母亲有世界上最宽容的心,她是一位 strong母亲,她是一位真正的英雄,这些都说明了在作者心中母亲很great(伟大)。

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