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      一、ABC Radio

      Jim Green is an announcer(播音员)for the program.Most of the girls___1____ boys like the program. They ___2___like Jim Green. Some of them often make phone calls to him and thank him ___3___ his work. There are lots of ___4___ to him every day,too.

      Jim Green gets up at 6:00 every morning.He has bread and a glass of milk ___5___ breakfast. He leaves home at 6:30 and ___6___ his office at 7:15.

      The program ___7____ at 7:30.He plays the new records (唱片)of the pop songs and modern music for his listeners. At 8:00 it's time ____8____ the news.

      Jim finishes work at 10:30. He goes home ____9____ his car.He ___10___ newspaper and listens to music after supper.

      He thinks his life is very interesting.

      ( )1.A and B with C but D about

      ( )2.A too B to C also D so

      ( )3.A to B for C fo D and

      ( )4.A letter B letters C friends D words

      ( )5.A at B with C for D to

      ( )6.A goes B gets C gets to D gets up

      ( )7.A begins B finishes C over D start

      ( )8.A to B for C of D in

      ( )9.A by B in C on D takes

      ( )10.A looks B reads C sees D watches

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