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      83. This sweater is __ newer than that one.

      A.too B.very C.many D.a little

      84. China has a __ population.

      A. big B.small C.little D.large

      85. The story is very__, and I am ___ in it very much.

      A.interesting,interesting B.interesting,interested C.interested;interesting D.interested;interested

      86. –How__ tickets do you want to buy?—Two.

      A.many B.much C.more D.most

      87. Your house is __ than mine.

      A.the most beautiful B.most beautiful C.more beautiful D. beautiful

      88. The teacher speaks ___ and she is a very __ speaker.

      A.slow and careful;careful B.slowly and carefully;careful

      C.slowly and careful;carefully D.slow and carefully;carefully

      89. My home is ___ to school so I walk.

      A.close B.closer C.Closest D.far

      90. Peter is as __ as John.

      A.strong B.stronger C.strongest D.the strongest


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