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  • 初一英语形容词和副词精选练习题二

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      91. This sweater is ___ of all.

      A.dear B.dearer C.dearest D.the dearest

      92. Our school is ___ one in Beijing.

      A.beautiful B.more beautiful C.most beautiful D. the most beautiful

      93. Tom is one of ___ in the football team.

      A.tall boy B.tallest boys C.tallest boy D.the tallest boys

      94. Li Ming is ___ student in the class.

      A.tall B.the taller C.tallest D.the tallest

      95. Mike is ___ Tom.

      A.healthy than B.healthier as healthy healthy as

      96. Who is ___, Kate, mary or Alice?

      A.careful B.the most careful C.more careful D.very careful

      97. I go to school on foot because it’s the ___ way to get there.

      A.good B.well D.better

      98. Tony lives farthest from the school, so he has the ___ journey.

      A.shorest B.closest C.longest D.fastest

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