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      My name is Jim. My favorite day is October l8th, because it's my birthday. I am very happy on that day. I eat eggs for breakfast. Then my friends come to my home and play with me. We sing and dance. Someone plays the piano and someone plays the guitar. Lunch is very nice. After lunch, my parents take me to see a movie. My favorite movies are comedies and action movies. After supper, my parents, my sister and I watch TV. Then I go to bed at ten thirty. I don't do my homework on that day. I am very tired but happy on my birthday.

      ( ) 61. Jim's birthday is .

      A. October 8 B. October 18 C. December 8th D. December 18th

      ( ) 62. Jim's favorite movies are .

      A. comedies B. action movies C. thrillers D. A and B

      ( ) 63. Jim goes to bed at .

      A. 10:30 B. 10:13 C. 10:00 D. 3:10

      ( ) 64. Does Jim do his homework on his birthday?

      A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn't. C. No, he isn't. D. I don't know.

      ( ) 65. How is Jim on his birthday?

      A. Tired. B. Happy but not tired. C. Tired but happy. D. Happy.

      答案:61-65 BDABC

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