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      *Teachers Wanted

      Are you a teacher? Do you like children? Can you help them with Chinese on weekends? Come to join us. Call John at 378-5788 for more information(信息).

      *Ping-pong Club

      Do you like to play ping-pong? Do you want to play ping-pong well? Mr. Cai can teach you. You can come here every Saturday afternoon.

      Tel: 368-5778

      Add: Room 212 in School's P.E. Building.

      *Learning Japanese

      Can you speak Japanese? Do you want to learn Japanese? Please join the Japanese Club now. Call Jane at 345-1238.

      Time: 8:30 a.m.-l1:00 a.m. (from Monday to Friday)

      *Musicians Wanted

      Are you a music lovers? Can you sing or dance? Can you play any instruments(乐器)? Welcome to our Star Rock Band.

      Please call Tina at 898-3443 or send an e-mail to

      ( ) 66. Gina is a good teacher and she wants to find a job. Who may offer(提供)her a job?

      A. Tina. B. John. C. Jane. D. Mr. Cai.

      ( ) 67. You can be in the Japanese club for to learn Japanese from Monday to Friday.

      A. 2.5 hours. B. 3.5 hours. C. 4 days. D. 5 days.

      ( ) 68. If you are a music lover, you want to be a dancer, how can you contact (联系) them?

      A. Go to Room 212 in School's P.E. Building. B. Call Jane.

      C. Send an e-mail to D. Call 368-5778.

      ( ) 69. Who can teach you to play ping-pong?

      A. Tina. B. John. C. Jane. D. Mr. Cai.

      ( ) 70. Now Vera can speak Japanese well and she teaches children Japanese.She works from Monday to Friday. Can you guess (猜)where she works?

      A. The ping一pong Club. B. The star Rock Band.

      C. The Teacher Club. D. The Japanese Club.

      答案:66-70 BACDD

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