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      Such kinds of pollution as water pollution, air pollution and sound pollution are very common (常见的) to us, and people are doing something to reduce (减少) the environmental pollution. But do you know a kind of pollution called electricity pollution?

      Recently, a newspaper reported that most teachers and students in a school suffer from headaches, tiredness and sleepiness. At last they found out the reason. Some areas beside the school were under construction. There was a strong magnetic field (磁场) on the road with high-voltage (高压) lines. The magnetic field could cause electrical discharge phenomena (放电现象). That led to a chemical reaction (化学反应), so human health was in danger in such an environment.

      At present, experts are trying their best to find out a solution (解决办法) to this problem.

      1. The underlined phrase "suffer from" means "__________" in Chinese.

      A. 来自 B. 始于 C. 死于 D. 遭受

      答案: D

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