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      Almost everyone likes to eat apples. Apples grow in nearly every part of the world. The United States produces more apples than any other country except France. The states of Washington and New York grow the most apples. New York is on the east coast and Washington is on the west near Canada.

      Apples are red, yellow or green. They are very popular in the United States. Many people like to carry apples to work or to school to eat with their lunches. Most American people are often too busy or too tired to cook, so they often have their lunches very simply. Apple juice is also a popular drink and apple pie is the favorite dessert of many Americans.

      The state of Washington is proud of its apples. The trees there produce nearly five billion apples every year - one apple for every man, woman and child in the whole world.


      1. What can we know from the underlined sentence? (理解并判断)

      A. American apples taste good.   B. We can see apples everywhere in America.

      C. Americans like to eat apples.   D. Americans regard (把……视为) apples as their best food.

      2. ____________ produces the most apples in the world. (阅读并判断或推理)

      A. The United States B. Canada   C. China   D. France

      3. Many Americans like to eat apples during lunch because they __________ at noon.

      A. eat nothing but apples    B. feel it better to eat apples    C. always eat simple food     D. can get apples easily

      3. The state of Washington is proud of its apples because they think _____________.

      A. everyone in the world can share their happiness    B. they can produce apples for every person all over the world

      C. their apples are better than any other fruit    D. their apple trees are the best in the world

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