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      Dessert house

      We have three kinds of desserts: small, medium and large. A small dessert with strawberries, bananas and ice cream is 10 RMB. A medium dessert with apples, tomatoes and cheese is 12 RMB. A large dessert with pears, potatoes and ice cream is 15 RMB.

      Welcome to our house.

      Noodle House

      We have some great specials. Special 1 is chicken and cabbage noodles, and the large bowl is just 4 RMB and the small 2 RMB. Special 2 is mutton and carrot noodles, and the large bowl is only 5 RMB and the small 2.5 RMB. Special 3 is beef and potato noodles. The large bowl is 4 RMB and the small 2 RMB. Special 4 is tomato and egg noodles. The large bowl is only 3 RMB and the small 1.5 RMB. Large drink is only 5 RMB. And all the fruits are free.

      Come and get your noodles today!

      46. How many kinds of desserts does Dessert House have?

      A. three B. two C. one D. four

      47. If you have 30 RMB and you can buy kind(s) of desserts.

      A. three B. two C. one D. four

      48. Today we order a large dessert, two small bowls of mutton and carrot noodles and a large bowl of tomato and egg noodles. We need to pay RMB.

      A. 26 B. 20 C. 23 D. 24

      49. Nancy likes dessert very much but she doesn't eat tomatoes or potatoes. She can eat .

      A. a large dessert B. a medium dessert

      C. a small dessert D. both A and C

      50. Mary wants large bowl and Emma wants a small bowl. They only have 6 RMB and Emma doesn't eat eggs or beef. They can eat a large bowl of noodles and a small bowl of


      A. mutton and carrot, tomato and egg B. chicken and cabbage, mutton and carrot

      C. tomato and egg, beef and potato D. beef and potato, chicken and cabbage


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