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      1. I have one ________ (表弟). He likes basketball very much.

      2. Jim was _________ (出生) in England. But now he lives in New York.

      3. Jane usually goes __________ (跑步) in the morning.

      4. I like to eat in a ___________ (餐馆).

      5. He scored two ___________ (精彩的) goals in his _______ (第一) match for his new term.

      6. In the last six ________ (月), he scored 15 goals in 12 matches.

      7. He is a __________ (成员) of the Music Club.

      8. Many people love looking for things on the __________ (英特网).

      9. I want to be a computer ___________ (程序员) when I grow up.


      1.cousin 2.born 3.running 5.wonderful, first

      6.months 7.member 8.Internet 9.programmer

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