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      1. ___________(星期三) is the fourth day of a week.

      2. Did you have a good _____________(睡觉) last night?

      3. I often read ______________(报纸) after supper every day.

      4. Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the _______________(博物馆)

      5. How many _______________(图书馆) are there in your school?

      6. He _______________(花费) one and a half hours watching TV yesterday.

      7. Lucy didn’t go to school yesterday _____________(因为) she was ill.

      8. There are two __________________(排球) matches on TV.

      9. Some dogs just don’t know how to have _____________(乐趣).

      10. Listen! They are _____________(聊天) in the next room.


      1. Wednesday 2. sleep 3. newspapers 4. museum 5. libraries

      6. spent 7. because 8. volleyball 9. fun 10. chatting

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