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      1. At Halloween we wear _______________ (特殊的) costumes with masks.

      2. June 1 is ________________ (儿童) Day.

      3. It’s ___________ (通常) cold in December in Beijing.

      4. There are four ___________ (季节) in a year. The hottest one is summer.

      5. I will visit some beautiful cities _______________ (在……期间) my summer holiday.

      6. We should get on well with our ____________ (邻居) and help each other.

      7. Mary is so ________________ (兴奋的) when she hears the news.

      8. I want to have my ________________ (自己的) house when I grow up.

      9. They will go _____________ (穿过)the forest tomorrow.

      10. Don’t ___________ (喊叫). Your father is sleeping.


      1.special 2.Children’s 3.usually 4.seasons 5.during

      6.neighbours 7.excited 8.own 9.through 10.shout

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