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      1. Eddie is very __________(懒惰). He doesn’t want to get up.

      2. You look ___________(时髦)today.

      3. The hair clips are all very beautiful and I don’t know which to ___________(选择).

      4. Girls like to wear __________(多彩的) dresses.

      5. What is she ___________(穿) today?

      6. We raise money to help the children in __________ (贫穷)areas.

      7. I like this T-shirt because it is made of __________(棉).

      8. ____________(最后), I know the answer to the question.

      9. I think all the shops are __________(关)at this time of day.

      10. Do you think the film is ___________(乏味的)?


      1. lazy 2. smart 3. choose 4. colourful 5. wearing

      6. poor 7. cotton 8. Finally 9. closed 10. boring

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