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      主语与谓语的助动词交换位置称半倒装, 有以下数种情况:

      1,否定意义的词在句首, 句子半倒装, 例如: little, never, not, no, hardly, rarely,seldom

      Never shall I forget you. At no time was the man aware of what was happening.

      Little did I understand what he said to me at that time.

      2、 几对并列连词如not only…but also, hardly… when等连接两个并列句, 连词在句首, 前句半倒装, 后句不倒装:

      Not only was everything he had taker away from him, but also his German citizenship was taken away.

      No sooner had I got to the bus stop than the bus started.

      注意: ①not only…but also连接两个并列主语时不需倒装,如:Not only you but also I like playing chess.

      ②neither…nor在句首时, 前后两句都需倒装,Neither do I have a sister nor does my husband.

      3、only在句首强调状语, 主句半倒装:

      Only then did I realize that I was wrong.Only in this way can I learn from my fault.

      Only when the war was over in 1918, was he able to get back to work.

      注意: only强调主语不倒装:Only the teachers can use the room.

      4、so…that句型, so在句首时, 主句倒装, that从句不倒装:

      So easy is it that a clild can learn it.So hard did he work that he finally won the fame.

      I saw the film, so did he.


      Had I been informed earlier, I could have done something.Were she here, she would support the motion.

      1.His mother had talked to him for many minutes while he was watching TV,but ____.

      A.a little did he hear B.little did he hear C.little heard he D.a little heard he

      2.—— Hello,Zhu Hua.I’ll have to return to Canada because I’ve worked here for a year.—— _____!

      A.What tim?flies B.How time flies C.What does time fly D.How does time fly

      3.During the war, ____but also he lost his wife and his child.

      A.not was his job in the lab taken away B.not only was his job in the lab taken away

      C.not merely his job in the lab was taken away D.not just was taken away his job in the lab

      4.—— We have to stop talking here outside.Listen,_____!—— Hurry up, or we’ll be late.

      A.There goes the bell B.There does the bell go C.There the bell goes D.Goes the bell there

      5.I think this is the first time that we have met.___anywhere.

      A.Before have we never seen each other B.Never before we have seen each other

      C.Each other have we seen never before D.Never before have we seen each other

      6.___! You should take this chance to attend it.

      A.How important conference is it B.How an important conference it is

      C.What an important conference is it D.What an important conference it is

      7.She didn’t come to the party last Sunday.___,she must have made the party more exciting.

      A.If she came B.Would she come C.Had she come D.Did she come

      8.They finally managed to climb to the top,but __then.

      A.went the children down the hill B.down the hill did the children go

      C.down the hill went the children D.down the hill the children went

      9.I received his mother’s telephone call at eleven.__that he was badly hurt in an accident yesterday.

      A.Then did I know B.Only then I knew C.Only then did I know D.Only then knew I

      10.—— What sport do you like best?—— Springboard diving(跳板跳水).___ to dive into water from high board!

      A.What a fun is it B.How fun it is C.How a fun is it D.What fun it is

      11.—— The old man wouldn’t stay at home for a rest even if it rained.

      —— ____.He would feel sick if he stayed home for one day.

      A.So would my grandpa B.So wouldn’t my grandpa

      C.Neither would my grandpa D.Nor wouldn’t my grandpa

      12.___for us to surf(冲浪) on the sea in summer!

      A.What exciting is it B.How exciting is it C.What exciting it is D.How exciting it is

      13.By no means ___ to our plan for the trip.

      A.will she agree B.she will agree C.agrees she D.will agree she

      14.The child tiptoed(翘起脚尖走) quietly to the bird.___into the forest when he was about to catch it.

      A.Flew it away B.Away flew it C.Away it flew D.Flew away it

      15.Little Tom is an orphan._____,he has to make a living by himself.

      A.A child as he is B.Child as he is C.Child as is he D.A child though he is

      16.___he gave that we should take more exercise in our spare time!

      A.What a good advice B.How a good advice C.What good advice D.How good advice

      17.Hardly had she walked out of the woods ___ she heard the strange scream coming from behind a tree.

      A.than B.until C.since D.when

      18.___that we couldn’t catch up with him.

      A.So fast he ran B.So fast did he run C.So fast ran he D.Such fast did he run

      19.We have been on duty for four hours and ____. comes your turn does your turn come your turn comes D.comes now your turn

      20.We haven’t seen each other for many months.__!

      A.What I missed you B.What did I miss you C.How I missed you D.How did I miss you

      21.__can you find out how many chickens there are!

      A.Counting them B.By counting them C.Only by counting them D.Only have you counted them

      22.Between the two mounts___and they decide to build a ropeway(索道).

      A.lies a very deep valley B.does a very deep valley lie

      C.a very deep valley lies D.a very deep valley lays

      23.They went into a small house but ___. persons did they find B.not a person found they

      C.not a person did they find D.not a person they found

      24.—— My mother does a lot of housework before going to work,but she has never been late.—— _____.

      A.So does my mother B.Neither does my mother C.Nor has my mother D.So it is with my mother

      25.Everyone has arrived at eight and ____.A.then does the meeting begin B.then begins the meeting

      C.begins the meeting then D.does the meeting begin then

      26.__it is for us to see that he does his work so well!

      A.What surprise B.How surprise C.What a surprise D.How a surprise

      27.Look over there.___!

      A.Around the corner is walking a policeman B.Around the corner is a policeman walking

      C.Around the corner a policeman is walking D.Is around the corner walking a policeman

      28.___,we could forgive him for his mistakes!

      A.Were he still a child B.If he is still a child C.Is he still a child D.He were still a child

      29.Henry often helps look after Granny Wang,but___.

      A.seldom is George B.seldom George does

      C.seldom does George D.seldom looks George after Granny Wang

      30.—— The water changes into thick ice covering rivers and lakes in winter in Harbin.

      —— ____ in Urumqi and children go skating on it then.

      A.So is it B.So it does C.So it is D.So does it

      31.I remember that ____ an old church on the top of the hill many years ago.

      A.used to be there B.there used to be C.there used to have D.there had

      32.Could you write me a letter ___?

      A.when will you get home B.when do you get home C.when you will get home D.when you get home

      33.Mother told Rose to buy some sugar in the supermarket and___.

      A.she did so she did did she D.she did such

      34.___shortly after it stopped raining.

      A.There appeared a colorful rainbow in the sky B.In the sky did a colorful rainbow appear

      C.There a colorful rainbow appeared in the sky D.There in the sky a colorful rainbow appeared

      35.After the patients went into the office,__working.

      A.only a doctor did they see B.only a doctor saw they

      C.only a doctor they saw D.only a doctor had they seen

      36.We have looked for the lost sheep almost everywhere,but nowhere _____.

      A.we can find it B.can we find it C.can find we it D.we can it find

      37.Only since they gave up that good chance___ to show their invention again.

      A.have they had no chance B.they have had no chance

      C.they have no chance D.have they no chance

      38.You can see a large signal on the wall: ____!

      A.Long lives the PRC B.Long live the PRC C.Long does the PRC live D.Long do the PRC live

      39._____,she may not catch up with her sister Lisa.

      A.Hard though she works B.Hard although she works C.Hard works she D.Hard even if she works

      40.___these ancient buildings in this city are!

      A.What perfectly protected B.How perfect protected

      C.How perfectly protected D.What perfect protected

      41.Nothing but two ancient Chinese coins ____ after they took out the jar.

      A.did they find in it B.they found in it it did they find it found they

      42.He is strict in everything and strict with everyone._____.

      A.My father is always such B.My father is always so a strict man

      C.Such is my father D.So a strict man is my father

      43.If you don’t go to his birthday party next Friday,_____. do I will I C.nor do I D.nor will I

      44.Since everyone has come back here,___.

      A.on goes our discussion B.goes on our discussion

      C.on does our discussion go D.does on our discussion go

      45.__when we passed by its nest.

      A.Up into the blue sky did the bird fly B.Up into the blue sky the bird flew

      C.Up into the blue sky flew the bird D.Flew up into the blue sky the bird


      2.B。how time flies=how fast time flies“时间过得真快”。因为被感叹的部分是副词fast,因此感叹词用how,感叹句需用陈述语序。

      3.B。not only...but also连接两个并列分句,且not only位于句首时,该分句主谓部分倒装。


      5.D。否定副词never before提前到句首时,句子用部分倒装。


      7.C。Had she come=If she had come。if引导虚拟语气条件状语从句,在口语中或非正式场合可以把if省略掉而改用部分倒装。




      11.C。Neither would my grandpa=My grandpa wouldn’t stay at home for a rest,either.否定副词neither,nor提前到句首,句子用部分倒装。


      13.A。表示否定意义的介词短语在句中作状语置于句首时,句子的主谓部分倒装。这样的介词短语有:by no means,at no time,in no way,not in the least等。


      15.B。Child as he is=Although he is a child。as引导让步状语从句时,通常要把作表语的形容词或名词、作状语的副词或动词原形提前到句首,同时注意,作表语的单数名词前无形容词时要把不定冠词去掉。







      23.C。“not a (an)+可数名词的单数形式”提前到句首时,句子要用部分倒装。

      24.D。如果前面提及不止一件事情,说明另一个人也是如此要用so it is/was with sb.。


      26.C。surprise是一个抽象名词,通常作不可数名词,但这里说明某次具体情况,surprise可以用作可数名词,前面加不定冠词a (surprise没有复数形式)。类似词有shame,pity等。


      28.A。Were he still a child=If he were still a child。


      30.D。so does it=the water also changes into thick ice covering the rivers and lakes in winter in Urumqi.说明乌鲁木齐的天气也是如此。

      31.B。there used to be构成倒装句式,表示过去曾出现过的情况。

      32.D。when you get home时间状语从句用陈述语序,一般现在时表示将来。


      34.A。there后面可以跟不及物动词appear/live/stand/lie等,说明某处出现/存在某现象或某事物,此时句子主语必须是名词。 35.C。only修饰句子的宾语位于句首时,句子不倒装。



      38.B。口语中一些祝福语可以用倒装语序。“Long live(动词原形)+主语”表示“祝某人或某事物万岁”。


      40.C。句子中perfectly protected相当于形容词作表语,因此感叹词用how。



      43.D。nor will I=I will not go to his birthday party next Friday, either.if 引导说明将来情况的条件状语从句,主句的时态应该是将来时态。

      44.A。参见注4。 45.C。表示方位的副词及介词短语置于句首,名词作句子的主语时,句子的主谓用全部倒装。


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