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      Topic1 Section C 教案

      Section C needs 1 period. Section C需用1课时。

      The main activities are 1a and 2. 本课重点活动是1a和2。

      I . Aims and demands目标要求

      1. Learn some new words:

      beautiful, flower, large, bathroom, drawer, chair, keyboard

      2. Go on learning the prepositions of positions and the structure of "There be".

      (1)Talk about positions.

      -Where is the lamp?

      -It's on the desk.

      -Where are my shoes?

      -They're under the bed.

      (2)Talk about existence.

      There is a small garden in front of my house.

      There are many beautiful flowers in the garden, but there aren't any trees in it.

      Are there many beautiful flowers in the garden?

      Is there a kitchen on the first floor?

      Ⅱ. Teaching aids 教具


      Ⅲ. Five-finger Teaching Plan 五指教学方案

      Step 1 Review 第一步 复习(时间:10分钟)

      复习There be 句型, 引出1a。

      (方案一: 接龙游戏。将全班分成几组, 利用1a的图片, 组与组之间进行问答比赛。)

      (竞赛规则:1.组与组之间的竞赛; 2.开始第一个问题由教师来问; 3.每组在回答问题后, 提出一个新问题, 让另外一组的学生回答; 4.每个问题不能重复。)

      T: What's in the picture?

      G1: There's a nice house. Where's the garden?

      G2: It's in front of the house. What's in the garden?

      G3: There are many beautiful flowers in it. Is there a big tree?

      G4: Yes, there is. Where is it?

      G5: It's behind the house.



      T: It's great! Stop! Group 2 is the winner. Now, please go on with next round. What's on the first floor in the house?

      G1: There is a big living room. Is there a dining room next to it?

      G2: Yes, there is. What's in the dining room?

      G3: There is a table and some chairs in it. Can you find out the bathroom?

      G4: Yes, I can. Where is it?


      (总结学生比赛结果, 进行鼓励表扬。)

      T: How wonderful! You are the best!


      The flowers in the garden are beautiful.

      花 漂亮

      John is having a bath in the bathroom.


      (方案二: 双簧。两人一组活动, 其中一名学生用There be句型描述, 另外一名学生根据描述画图, 让其他学生核对图画上画的物品与描述的内容是否相符。)


      S1: There is a bed, a clock, a desk and so on in the bedroom.

      S2: (在黑板上画。)

      S1: There are many apples on the tree.

      S2: …

      Step 2 Presentation 第二步 呈现(时间:5分钟)


      1. (设置听力任务, 听1a的录音并回答问题。)

      T: Listen to 1a carefully and answer my questions.


      (1)What's in front of the house?

      (2)Are there any trees in the garden?

      (3)Is there a study on the first floor?


      T: Are you ready?

      Ss: Yes.

      T: Who can answer my first question?

      S1: There is a small garden in front of the house.

      T: Well done! The second question?

      S2: …


      2. (让学生快速朗读1a, 并完成正误判断题, 然后核对答案并改正。)

      T: Read 1a quickly, and then finish the true or false questions, then check the answers and correct them.

      T: Finish?

      Ss: Yes.

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