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  • 初一英语教案:UNIT 2 Why do you like koala bears

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      【5068初中网—初一英语教案:UNIT 2 Why do you like koala bears】同学们认真学习,下面是对UNIT 2 Why do you like koala bears课时教案知识的讲解内容哦。

      UNIT 2 Why do you like koala bears?

      Text analysis:

      Topic: animals in the zoo

      Functions (Teaching aims): 1. Describe animals 2. Express preferences and give reasons

      Structures:1. Why, What, Where questions 2.Because 3. Adjectives of quality

      Target language: Why do they like koala bears? Because they’re cute. They’re kind of shy. They’re very big.

      Vocabulary: 1. zoo, animals, tiger, elephant, koala bears, dolphin, panda, lion, penguin, giraffe 2. smart, cute, fun, ugly, intelligent, friendly, shy, kind of 3. South Africa

      Recycling: beautiful, small, quiet, scary, interesting, Australia, Japan, Brazil, China.

      He is from-- She’s five years old.

      Learning strategies: 1. Using what you know 2. Inferring content

      Multi-intelligence: 1. Know the nature 2. Knowledge of places 3. logical expressions

      Periods: six

      Period 1 section A 1a 1b 1c

      Period 2 section A 2a 2b 2c Grammar focus

      Period 3 section A 3a 3b 4

      Period 4 section B 1 2a 2b 3

      Period 5 section B 3a 3b 3c 4

      Period 6 self check

      Period 1

      Teaching aims:

      Learn new words: animals—tiger, koala bear, elephant, dolphin, panda, lion, penguin, giraffe description words—cute, fun, smart

      Listen and check(√) the animals.

      Practice the conversation: describe animals

      Teaching methods: listen and say, read and write

      Teaching procedures:

      Step 1 Presentation(1a)

      We are going to learn the names of some more animals.

      Show the animals on the map of the zoo → point to the animals and say the names →let students read the words → match the words with the animals in the picture → practice the words(read and write)

      Step 2 Listening practice(1b)

      Point to the animals in 1a and ask students to say the names→ play the recording of the conversation twice → check(√) the names of animals

      Step 3 Pair work(1c)

      Practice the conversations using the description words.

      A: Let’s see the lions.

      B: Why do you want to see the lions?

      A: Because they’re cute.

      Step 4 Consolidation: Free talk

      Ask students to present their conversations to the class.

      Step 5 Summary: words and conversations

      Step 6 Homework: remember the words and conversations.

      通过上面对UNIT 2 Why do you like koala bears课时教案知识的学习,希望同学们对上面的知识都能很好的掌握,相信同学们会取得很好的成绩的哦。

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