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  My summer holiday作文

  The summer holiday is coming.During the holiday,I will enjoy myself.And I have made a plan for it.

  In summer holiday,I will fly to London with my parents.And then,we will go to see Tower Bridge.Tower Bridge is a great building with a long history.London is also famous for Tower Bridge,so millions of visitors come here every year.We will stay there for five days,I believe that we can enjoy ourselves.

  And then,we will leave London for my uncle's house.He has a small house there.Though he is single,he is a good cook.He always cooks a delicious meal for us when we visit him.And he is also a TV reporter,so he is good at English."I am very proud of you”I always say to him.And we will stay there for one week.

  At last, we will fly home.I am looking forward to having a great time.

  I can't wait!


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