Section I Use of English


Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

Harlan Coben believes that if you’re a writer, you’ll find the time; and that if you can’t find the time, then writing isn’t a priority and you’re not a writer. For him, writing is a 1 job–a job like any other. He has 2 it with plumbing, pointing at that a plumber doesn’t wake up and say that he can’t work with pipes today.

3 , like most writers these days, you’re holiday down a job to pay the bills, it’s not 4 to find the time to write. But it’s not impossible. It requires determination and single-mindedness. 5 that most bestselling authors began writing when they were doing other things to earn a living. And today, even writers who are fairly 6 often have to do other work to 7 their writing income.

As Harlan Coben has suggested, it’s a 8 of priorities. To make writing a priority, you’ll have to 9 some of your day-to-day activities and some things you really enjoy. Depending on your 10 and your lifestyle, that might mean spending less time watching television or listening to music, though some people can write 11 they listen to music. You might have to 12 the amount of exercise or sport you do. You’ll have to make social media an 13 activity rather than a daily, time-consuming 14 . There’ll probably have to be less socializing with your friends and less time with your family. It’s a 15 learning curve, and it won’t always make you popular.

There’s just one thing you should try to keep at least some time for, 16 your writing–and that’s reading. Any writer needs to read as much and as widely as they can; it’s the one 17 supporter–something you can’t do without.

Time is finite. The older you get, the 18 it seems to go. We need to use it as carefully and as 19 as we can. That means prioritising our activities so that we spend most time on the things we really want to do. If you’re a writer, that means 20 writing.

1. [A] difficult [B] normal [C] steady [D] pleasant

2. [A] combined [B] compared [C] confused [D] confronted

3. [A] If [B] Though [C] Once [D] Unless

4. [A] enough [B] strange [C] wrong [D] easy

5. [A] Accept [B] Explain [C] Remember [D] Suppose

6. [A] well-known [B] well-advised [C] well-informed [D] well-chosen

7. [A] donate [B] generate [C] supplement [D] calculate

8. [A] cause [B] purpose [C] question [D] condition

9. [A] highlight [B] sacrifice [C] continue [D] explore

10. [A] relations [B] interests [C] memories [D] skills

11. [A] until [B] because [C] while [D] before

12. [A] put up with [B] make up for [C] hang on to [D] cut down on

13. [A] intelligent [B] occasional [C] intensive [D] emotional

14. [A] habit [B] test [C] decision [D] plan

15. [A] tough [B] gentle [C] rapid [D] funny

16. [A] in place of [B] in charge of [C] in response to [D] in addition to

17. [A] indispensable [B] innovative [C] invisible [D] instant

18. [A] duller [B] harder [C] quieter [D] quicker

19. [A] peacefully [B] generously [C] productively [D] gratefully

20 [A] at most [B] in turn [C] on average [D] above all


1. [B] normal

2. [B] compared

3. [A] If

4. [D] easy

5. [C] Remember

6. [A] well-known

7. [C] supplement

8. [C] question

9. [B] sacrifice

10. [B] interests

11. [C] while

12. [D] cut down on

13. [B] occasional

14. [A] habit

15. [A] tough

16. [D] in addition to

17. [A] indispensable

18. [D] quicker

19. [C] productively

20. [D] above all


Section III Translation


Translate the following text into Chinese. Write your translation on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points)

Although we try our best, sometimes our paintings rarely turn out as originally planned! Changes in the light, the limitations of your palette, and just plain old lack of experience and technique mean that what you start out trying to achieve sometimes doesn’t come to life the way that you expected.

Although this can be frustrating and disappointing, it turns out that this can actually be good for you! Unexpected results have two benefits: for starters, you pretty quickly learn to deal with disappointment, and in time (often through repeated error) to realise that when one door closes, another opens. You quickly learn to adapt and come up with creative solutions to the problems the painting presents, and this means that thinking outside the box becomes second nature to the painter!

Creative problem solving skills are incredibly useful in daily life, and mean you’re more likely to be able to quickly come up with a solution when a problem arises.


Section IV Writing

Part A

47. Directions:

Suppose you are planning a campus food festival. Write an email to the international students in your university to

1) introduce the food festival, and

2) invite them to participate.

You should write about 100 words on the ANSWER SHEET.

Do not use your own name in the email; use “Li Ming” instead. (10 points)


48. Directions:

Write an essay based on the chart below. In your writing, you should

1) interpret the chart, and

2) give your comments.

You should write about 150 words on the ANSWER SHEET. (15 points)


Section I Use of English





















Section II Reading Comprehension

Part A

Text 1

21.【答案】[A] maintaining their plastic items

22.【答案】[B]improperly shaped

23.【答案】[D]prevent them from further damage


25.【答案】[B]has profound historical significance

Text 2

26、【答案】[C]reassess the necessity of college education

27、【答案】B the shrinking value of a degree

28、【答案】C employers are taking a realistic attitude to degrees

29、【答案】D further their studies in a specific field

30、【答案】A lifelong learning will define them

Text 3

31.【答案】B received favorable responses

32.【答案】A art can offer audiences easy access to science

33.【答案】A their role may be underestimated

34.【答案】B It exemplified valuable art-science alliances

35.【答案】C should do more than communicating scienee

Tcxt 4

36.【答案】D protect the rights of ordinary workers

37.【答案】A hinder business development

38.【答案】D Dismissing poorly performing managers

39.【答案】B Employees suffer from salary cuts

40.【答案】C is beneficial to bussiness owners

Part B

41.【答案】Teri Byrd [F]Zoos should have been closed down as they prioritize money making over animals`well-being.

42.【答案】Karen R.Sime [C] While animals in captivity deserve sympathy. zoo play significant role in starting young people sown the path of related sciences.

43.【答案】Gerg Newbeny [A] Zoos, which spare no effort to take care of animals should not be subjcted to unfair criticism.


44.【答案】Dean Galles [D]Zoos have people trips to wilderness areas and thus contribute to wildlife conservation.

45.【答案】John Fraser [G] Marris distorts our findings which actually prove that zoos serve a an indispensable link between man and nature.

Part C

(46)lt was also, and this is unknown even to many people well read about the period,a battle between those who made codes and those who broke them.


(47)It listed many documents in code that had been captured from the French amy of Spain, and those secrets had been revealed by the work of one George Scovell, an officer in British headquarters.


(48)he could not analyze carefully what this obscure officer may or may not have contributed to that great strugule between nations or indeed tell us anything much about the man himself.


(49) There may have been many spics and intelligence officers during the Napoleonic Wars, but it is usually extremely difficult to find the material they actually provided or worked on.


(50)Just as the code breaking has its wider relevance in the struggle for Spain, so his attempts to make his way up the promotion ladder speak volumes about British sociely.


Section Ill Writing(30 points)


Dear Professor Smith,

It is a great honor for me to write this E-mail to invite you to organize a team for the internationa innovation contest to be held at my university.

This contest will last for three hours. From the contest, students can get an in-depth understanding of the importance of innovation and cooperation. Five prominent and innovative entrepreneurs will be invited to serve as judges. The first three teams will be given awards.

If you have any questions about this contest, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

Part B(20 points【参考范文】

Depicted in the drawing is a sharp contrast between two students'attitudes to a lecture. Standing in front of a poster concerning a lecture, one of them says "the lecture is irrelevant to our major, so it is of little use to listen to it". On the contrary, the other is convinced that it must be good to attend the lecture.

It is cvident that this cartoon intends to draw our attention towards a prevalent phenomenon in our daily life: a large number of people are quite satisfied with their limited knowledge believing that there is no need to learn anything new. In contrast. ambitious learners always find room to improvement and try to

move forward through constant learning. As a matter of fact,modern society urges us to keep studying.