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  Old Dan Tucker歌词:

  I come to town the other night.  Heard the noise and I saw the fight.  The watchman was a-runnin roun   Cryin Old Dan tucker s come to town.  So get out the way, Old Dan Tucker  You re too late to stay for supper.  Supper s over and breakfast s cookin   Old Dan Tucker, standin there lookin   Well, Old Dan, he went down to the mill.  to get some meal to put in his swill  The miller swore by the point of his knife. He never seen such a man in his life. Old Dan Tucker s scared a skunk  The he fell in the fire, and he kicked up a chunk  A red-hot Coal rolled in his shoe.  And my, oh, my, how the ashes flew.  Old Dan Tucker was a mighty man.  Washed his face in a frying pan.  combed his hair with a wagon wheel  and dired with a tootheache in his heel.