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  see you baby歌词:

  I`m sorry baby.  I just gonna go now.  No point take you mistake.  I`ve wrote the good that times will been through.  You can go and keep my heart.  I can stick your eyes that you have lie ever since you met him.  Go and happen baby.  I don`t understand.  Why don`t you just let me go.  From now on I`ll make it on my home.  don`t need you here anymore.  don`t you worry baby.  I just wanna be along.  I will never from the love begin at the moment.  I hurt you have through been through.  I no longer stronger and I were just going home,  because you are home at all.  I will never from the love begin you know you have never met the feeling thing.  now I have begun want you just awy so loud.  See you my baby.  See you sometimes baby.