with宾语宾语补足语 with加宾语加宾补的几种用法



  ( 1 )with+n./pron.+to do(不定式表示将要发生的动作)

  With so mane things to do,I won't have time to go out tonight.有那么多的事要做,今晚我没时间出去

  (2) with+宾语+adj.

  I used to sleep with the window open.我过去习惯开着窗子睡觉

with宾语宾语补足语 with加宾语加宾补的几种用法

  (3) with+宾语+adv.

  I can't hear you clearly with the machines on.机器开动着,我听不清你说话

  (4) with+宾语+v -ing

  With you standing there,I can't do my work.你站在那里,我没法干活


  With all his homework done,he weut back home.所有作业做完后,他回家了。