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  The Spring Festival is an ancient holiday in China, is also one of the most important festival in a year. In the development of Chinese one thousand years of history, there were some relatively fixed customs handed down. For example, sweeping dust, paste couplets, stick grilles, (" f "word, draw pictures and shou sui, etc.

  "Lunar 24, dusted off sweep the house", the "spring and autumn annals" recorded in ancient books, in our country, in the era of rao have customs to sweep the dust during the Spring Festival, in addition, sweep the dust and except Chen Bu "new" means.

  Also called Spring Festival couplets couplet, peach wood charms against evil, it with dual, delicate words express the desire of the beautiful, is our China's unique literary form. The Spring Festival to stick couplets on the Spring Festival this custom originated in the song dynasty, this part is divided into Spring Festival couplets, bottom allied and horizontal batch.

  "F" word, refers to the blessing, good fortune, the Spring Festival is stuck "f" word to express a blessing of relatives and friends. But in order to more fully reflect the blessing, people simply put the "fu" character topsy-turvy stick, said "f" fall ".

  Now, put the Spring Festival pictures in urban and rural areas is very common, black heavy variety of pictures for every family to a prosperous and happy festive scene. Collection in our country the earliest newyearpicture is the southern song dynasty of the sui dynasty and graceful in tilting the ground of woodcut New Year pictures, pictures is her temple, zhao swallow, class and green beads four ancient beauties.

  Here I'll send you a pair of couplets: "fireworks shine the sky, colorful celebrate New Year's eve, Jin Longteng earth, thronged celebrate auspicious year"!








  The Spring Festival is a traditional festival of all nationalities in our country, more than 100 years ago, folk artists "one hundred" in his QuBenZhong writes: "in the first month in every New Year, Lantern Festival view on the lamp, month circle, flower box at everywhere, loud fireworks, make streets are swim series." Set in the history about the beginning of the Spring Festival.

  Legend rao period, our country has this festival, shells we find in the oracle, there are also records about the Spring Festival, celebrated the first Spring Festival custom wind, but at that time, calendar, is to rely on "view as timing", is accurate, it is difficult to determine, in 104 BC the first year of emperor too early, created "the beginning calendar", our people and at specified day of the first lunar month as from then on, the customs of the lunar New Year is been around for 2000 years, until the founding of new China, to switch to the later, the holiday is to the Spring Festival.

  In our country the most ancient written records, there are many stories about the beginning of month, and the New Year, it is "the autumn harvest winterizing later in the season," han zheng xuan also said that early age is not "of LaoNong to rest." Our today's terms, is the meaning of combining exertion and rest.

  So what's the Spring Festival? According to legend, in a long time ago, there was a man named ten thousand youth, see the seasonal mess, want to seasonal probable, one day, he went up into the mountain cutting wood, sit down to rest under the shade and shadow movement inspired him, and he devised a sundial shadow gauge measurement days. Day rain fog, however, affect the measurement, the later, cliff drops springs cause his interest, he began to make the five layers clepsydra, over time, he found that every three hundred and sixty days, and the length of days will repeat.

  At that time the king called ZuYi, days of the contingency, made him very upset. The secretary of a named scale, in order to curry favor with the emperor, play to tiantai worship god worship, ZuYi justification, has led officials to worship, but to no avail, know that in ten thousand, could not help but to see the emperor with the sundial and clepsydra, to explained the lunisolar ZuYi run of reason. ZuYi incurred after listen to big yue, feel that makes sense. Then leave in ten thousand, built in the temple of heaven before the sun pavilion, built sundial and clepsydra pavilion, and sent 12 serve in ten thousand, the lad ZuYi to said in ten thousand: "rule, hope you can measure the accurate runs calculated accurately ChenXi time, create a calendar, the plebeian inhabitants of the world."

  Once ZuYi regards the scale to know the progress of testing the calendar in ten thousand, when he appeared on the day of 20:30 liu jianhua calls to see cliff wrote some words on the side of the temple of heaven, equilibrium saw after know ten thousand calendar has research is successful, he is afraid of the emperor reuse, founded in ten thousand, sent to assassinate, the assassin was caught by the guards, ZuYi know later, to punish the criterion, personally the pagoda to see the sun in ten thousand, in ten thousand, pointing to astronomical phenomena, the ZuYi said: "now is the full twelve months, out has ended, and spring after beginning, king please appoint a section." ZuYi said: "spring for years, just call the Spring Festival."

  Winter, year after year, then, in ten thousand after long-term observation, carefully calculated, formulated the accurate solar, later in ten thousand to commemorate the merits, will be solar day named "calendar" in ten thousand for the birthday girl and, later, people hang up the birthday girl figure during Chinese New Year, according to legend is in memory of the ten thousand.

  Now we also have a New Year customs, such as "f" word, firecrackers, happy New Year and so on.










  Opened the exquisite calendars, I count the Spring Festival was coming. That is our traditional festival of the Chinese nation, but also I look forward to the festival, because only the last few days, I was able to put down the heavy learning, to relax the mood, elutriation the most joyous day in a year.

  I look forward to the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival in Beijing is the most beautiful. Streets decorated, people laughing exult. Especially on New Year's eve, the colorful fireworks, blossom in the night sky, and some like to dance measures, some like opening the tail, and as a flower blooming. They decorated Beijing gorgeous, the whole city was I port view. And I especially look forward to this year's Spring Festival, because I will have a different Spring Festival, because I'm going to the southern tip of our country holy land - Hong Kong, in Disneyland have a wonderful New Year. I think: there must be full of tong qu, the Spring Festival there is a castle in the fairy tale, there are beautiful and lovely Mickey Mouse, and together they kit, it must be very happy. Listen to mama said Disney in fireworks beautiful, I think they are washed up on the sky must be very beautiful, it is the smiling face of the mickey and winnie the pooh dance picture. They are welcome the arrival of the I.

  I'm looking forward to the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival is full of affection. Every Spring Festival, mom made a plate and a plate of delicious food. Maybe mom had forgotten days work overtime tired, forgot her sides a little bit more white hair, mother you were laborious, I really want to smooth the wrinkles around your eyes with hands. This year Spring Festival mother meet my wish, take me to travel to Hong Kong, for nervous at ordinary times I thoroughly relax the mood, I thank you very much, mom, to thank her for one year hard work, thanks to her before the lamp with my study, just let me have the happy life of today, mom, I have grown up, this year I will not let you worry about me tired for me.

  I look forward to the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival is a new beginning, is the season of sowing hope. The New Year, I grow up one year old, I have a new hope, I will sow the seeds of beauty, the fruits of harvest happiness and love.










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