Today, I did housework for grandmother. She is not very healthy and I decide to do housework for her more frequently. And she will feel happy and become better. Suddenly, an idea hit me that it’s terrible to grow old becuase you have to worry about both your health and others’ opinions. Once again, I make a decision to be a good girl.



  I was depressed because I couldnt understand an English book after I bought it. I could understand nothing. I thought maybe I should study English hard and only by this could I learn a lot of knowledge and understand English aw well as communicate with others in English. I told myself, ‘just go’.



  Today, I opened my free forum and I was very happy because I could do a lot of things there. I decided to upgrade my forum and make it interesting. Then I will make it grow up and at the same time, I can write down what I want to say there. I will be very happy.



  Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it. Why? Because I intend to be a good student. I wish to render service to my country. I get up at six o’clock every day. After I wash my face and brush my teeth, I begin to review my lessons. I go to school at seven o’clock. After school is over, I return home. We usually have supper at seven o’clock.Then I begin to do my homework. I want to finish it before I go to bed.

  虽然我的日常生活十分单调,但我却竭力设法去适应它。为什么?因为我打算做一个好学生,希望将来为国家服务。 我每天六点起床、洗脸刷牙后,就开始复习功课,七点钟我就去上学。 放学后,我就回家了。我们通常在七点钟吃晚餐,之后我就开始做家庭作业,希望在睡觉前把它做完。


  I am always interested in traveling. My reasons are quite (extremely) simple and clear. If anybody is not satisfied with my viewpoint(s), I shall be greatly surprised at his ways of thinking.

  In the first place, traveling increases our knowledge. Only by traveling can we see things outside our home town.

  In the second place, traveling is good to our health. While we are traveling, we usually exercise our bodies.

  In conclusion, I earnestly hope that everybody must seize (grasp at) the opportunity of traveling.





  It is the duty of every citizen to honor the national flag. Why? Because the national flag is the symbol of a (the) country. To respect it means to respect the country. In other words, if a man loves his country, he must love the national flag.

  In school, the national flag is usually raised at a certain time every day. Then the principal, teachers, staff and students are to (must) stand before it and sing the national anthem. It is indeed extremely meaningful to attend such a ceremony.




  This morning, I will write my homework after dinner. Finish the homework, mother took me out shopping. I see, east west see, how do you get to see. Mother bought a lot of I like to eat food. After my mother and I buy food, went home.

  At home, I let my mother taught me to pick a dish. Mother said: "pick vegetables first to see if there are any broken leaves, if you have bad leaves, to remove it, and then wash clean." I did as mother said, put the dishes washed. Good mother Fried dish, our family went to eat. Looking at you eat very happy, my in the mind have say a happy, for I had a hand!




  Get up this morning, I saw a gray day outside, I the mood also become worse, what also don't want to do. Mother asked me to write homework. Oddly enough, a homework, my mood is getting better, think or do his homework, will soon be completed. To do one thing, do it fast and good, really good!



  It is a matter of course that industry will bring us success, wealth and good luck. I am sure that a hard-working person can always succeed in the work which he wants to do. This is unchangeable truth.

  Idleness is the opposite of industry. It is the source of all evil. An idle man only enjoys playing and making pleasures. That he is doomed to failure is of no doubt. We should not follow his example.




  My native town is X. We have settled down here since my grandfather was a child. In other words, my family has lived here for more than one hundred years.

  It is a small village. There are about one thousand inhabitants. Most of them are farmers. The mode of their living is very simple. However, they have already possessed television sets and refrigerators. They made up their minds to live a modern life.