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  my first marathon

  last year, my boyfriend suggested that i should run the london marathon, and i laughed. he

  laughed too, but he laughed too long and too loud. that made me think. i realized that he didn't believe that i could do it. that made me angry,and determined. now he knows that i can !

  training wasn't easy, but i kept going. i didn't need special training but i did need to buy very good shoes. each day,i went a little further. by the end of three months, i was running five days a week. sometimes in the evenings i ran 10km;on sunday mornings, i sometimes ran about 30km.

  on the day of the race in london, i lined up with about 30,000 other runners. for the first ]0km i felt very happy and my legs felt very comfortable. at the 30km mark, i felt exhausted, and wanted to stop, but i kept on going.

  by the time i reached the 35km mark, i knew i was going to get to the end of the course. somehow that confidence made me feel lighter and faster. as i came round the last bend and saw the finishing line, i could see three runners ahead of me. i raced past all of them to finish the race in just under four hours. the winner had completed the race in 2 hours and 10 minutes, but i didn't care! i had run 42km and completed my first marathon !


  去年,男友建议我参加伦敦马拉松赛。 当时我笑了,他也笑了,可他的笑声太长也太大,让我陷入沉思。我意识到他不相信我做得到。这使我很生气,也让我下定决心参赛。现在,他终于知道了我能行!




  on-line learning

  let us say there is something you don't know how to do.

  in the past if you were determined to learn, you might have called a friend or a relative, taken a

  night class or walked down to the local library for a research term. but now a host of websitos are sprinoing up to provide free practical advice on these subjects and actually anything else you can think of.

  in one sense, these "how-to" sites represent the growing world of on-line loarnino. this tradition found one of its earliest forms in the fags  frequently asked questions files that began on usenet, the internet's global discussion group.the fags, many of which still circulate (go round continuous-

  ly), took a specific subject and explained it to complete novices.

  but "how-to" sites take the faqs idea in a somewhat different direction by addressing subjects that aren't necessarily related to discussion forums. these sites take the style of a written tutorial (teaching period) and a tone of friendly advice. possibly the biggest and best known of these sites is learn2, com (www. learn2, com). it offers nearly 1,000 free tutorials and adds new ones frequently for a job interview. at ehow. com (www. ehow. com) you can learn how to train for your first marathon, how to buy a vacation home, or how to make a movie in eight steps.






  learning styles

  educators have known for a long time that people learn in different ways. that is why teachers present information in various forms. for example, as well as explaining a new language, language teachers often provide other learning experiences such as books, charts, videos, audio cassettes,songs, debates and group work. in this way, all students in a class have an opportunity to learn in the way that best suits them.

  in the last 50 years or so, researchers have been studying learners in an attempt to identify all the

  possible learning styles that humans use. they have found that we can very roughly divide people into three groups  those who learn best through seeing, those who learn best through listening and those who learn best through moving, doing or touching.

  some research has identified eight distinct learning styles, and researchers have made up tests to find out which of these learning styles best suits different people. these tests show that, although most people have one dominant style of learning, they are also able to use other learning styles effectively. some people even seem to have many different learning styles.

  the advantage of knowing what kind of learner you are is that you can then study in the way that best suits your learning style.













英语四级作文的难度不是很高,只要努力练习就能写出好作文。下面是小编为大家整理的英语四级作文,希望对大家有帮助。 my first marathon last year, my boyfriend suggested that i should run the