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      Many people think that Americans 1 their cars almost more than anything else. When 2__ people are fourteen years old, they want to have their __3_ cars. They don’t ask for a car from their 4__. So many of them work in _5_ time during their last year of high school to buy a car. Learning to 6 _ and getting a driver’s license may be one of the most exciting things in a young person’s life.

      Some people almost 7 _ go to a doctor when they are ill. But they will __8_ their cars to a garage as soon as they think there is a 9 。 On Saturdays or Sundays some people may 10 most of their time washing and repairing their cars.

      1. A. preferB. loveC. driveD. play

      2. A. littleB. big C. old D. young

      3. A. newB. own C. expensive D. cheap

      4. A, friendsB. teachers C. parents D. brothers

      5. A. freeB. busyC. study D. good

      6. A. makeB. mendC. wash D. drive

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