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      Charlie came from a poor village. His parents had __1__ money to send him to school when he was young. The boy was very sad. Mr. King lived next to him. He found the boy __2__ and had pity on him and lent some money to him. So the boy could go to school. He studied hard and __3__ all his lessons. When he finished middle school, the man introduced him to his friend in the town. And he began to work.

      Once Mr. King was seriously hurt in an accident. Dying, he asked Charlie to take care of his daughter, Sharon. The young man __4__ and several years later he married the girl. He loved her very much and tried his best to make her happy. He often bought beautiful clothes and delicious food for her. He was good at cooking and he cooked __5__ for her. So she became very fat and she felt it difficult to walk. And one day she found there was something wrong with her heart. Her husband wasn’t at home and she had to go to __6__ at once. The doctors looked her over and told her __7__ eat meat, sugar, chocolate and things like these. She was afraid __8__ the doctor’s words and wrote all the names of the food on the paper. When she got home, she put the list on the table and __9__. When she returned home that afternoon, she found many kinds of food: meat, sugar and chocolate in the kitchen. Charlie was busy __10__ there. As soon as he saw her, he said happily, “I’ve bought all the food you like, dear!”

      1. A. noB. someC. muchD. enough

      2. A. lazyB. cleverC. carefulD. hard

      3. A. did well inB. was poor atC. was workingD. was good for

      4. A. was angryB. thought hardC. agreedD. said “No.”

      5. A. a littleB. a fewC. manyD. a lot

      6. A. rest B. sleepC. hospitalD. work

      7. A. should B. wouldC. to D. not to

      8. A. to rememberB. to forgetC. to catchD. to teach

      9. A. sleptB. went outC. cookedD. ate

      10. A. readingB. seeingC. cookingD. writing

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