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      【5068初中网—初三英语阅读理解综合练习及答案详解二】同学们,Do you know how to play a game called “Musical Chairs”? It is easy to play and most people enjoy it。下面老师整理了阅读理解综合练习及答案详解,我们一起来看看吧。


      Do you know how to play a game called “Musical Chairs”? It is easy to play and most people enjoy it. All you need are some chairs, some people and some way of making music. You may use a piano or any other musical instrument, if someone can play it. You may use a tape recorder. You can even use a radio.

      Put the chairs in a row. The chairs may be put in twos, back to back. A better way is to have the chairs in one row with each chair facing in the opposite direction to the chair next to it.

      The game is easy. When the music starts, the players walk round the chairs. Everyone goes in the same direction, of course, they should walk in time to the music. If the music is fast they should walk quickly. If the music is slow, they should walk slowly.

      The person playing music cannot see the people in the game. When the music stops, the players try to sit on the chairs. If a person cannot find a chair to sit on, he drops out. Then, before the music starts again, one chair must be taken away. When the music stops again, one more player will be out.

      At last, there will be two players and one chair. The one who sits on the chair when the music stops is the winner.


      1. If ten people are playing musical chairs, you must begin with _______.

      A. nine chairs B. ten chairs

      C. eleven chairs D. one chair

      2. Which of the following is not suitable for playing musical chairs? _______.

      A. A piano B. A radio

      C. A tape recorder D. A telephone

      3. The chairs should be put _______.

      A. with the desks B. before the winner

      C. all over the room D. in a line

      4. When the music starts,the players must _______.

      A. run about the room

      B. get down

      C. walk around the chairs

      D. sit on the chairs

      5. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

      A. The game “Musical Chairs” is not difficult to learn.

      B. The last one can sit on the last chair.

      C. The winner can sit on the chair.

      D. If the person plays music,he cannot be the winner.

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