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      八年级上Unit 1 How often do you exercise Section B

      一、Teaching aims and demands:

      1. Learn how to ask others about their free-time activities, hobbies and how often they do those.

      2. Learn to talk about the food that they and others like to eat and how to have a healthy diet. Decide which diet is the best one.

      3. Talk about different eating habits.

      4. Learn to read and write using the target language.

      二、Teaching difficulties and importance:

      1. The structures and usage of How often.

      2. The usage of the adverbs, such as, sometimes, usually, always, never, and the usage of the words: most, some, all, etc.

      3. Reading and writing

      三、Teaching methods:

      1.Cooperative and communicative methods.

      2.Task-based Language Teaching Approach.

      3.Multi-media Teaching.

      四、Teaching aids:


      五、Teaching procedures:

      Step1. Warming up

      Show a video of a song (An apple a day keeps a doctor away.) and sing it together.

      T: What songs sings about?

      S1: It's about an apple.

      S2: Apples are good for our health.

      T: What other things are good for us/our health?

      S1: I think milk is good for us.

      S2: Fish is good for our health.

      S3: Fruit is good for our health.

      T: What about junk food? Is it good for us?

      Ss: No, it's bad for our health.

      T: How often do you eat junk food?

      S1: I eat it only once a week.

      S2: I never eat junk food.

      S3: I hardly ever eat junk food.

      T: As for eating junk food, I'm the same as you.

      Step2 Review

      T: Today, Dr Li wants to know our eating habits. Can you finish the survey? How are your eating habits?

      Activities every day Three or four times a week Once or twice a week never

      Eat vegetables 4分 3分 1分 0分

      Eat fruit 4分 3分 1分 0分

      Drink milk 4分 3分 1分 0分

      Eat junk food 0分 1分 3分 4分

      drink coffee 0分 1分 3分 4分

      A. good (16分-20分) B. OK (8分---15分) C. bad (8分以下)

      Conclusion: My eating habits are______________.

      T: Look, Here are the results of my eating habits, I eat vegetables and fruit every day. I got 8 points. I drink milk once or twice a week. I got 1 point. I never drink milk and eat junk food. I got 8 points. So how are my eating habits?

      Ss: Your eating habits are good.

      T: Can you tell us your eating habits?

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