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      Unit 5 Going shopping (hyfy)

      Period 1 Comic Strip and Welcome to the Unit

      Teaching Aims:

      1. To introduce vocabulary about common presents for teenagers

      2. To activate existing vocabulary and new words related to this unit theme

      3. To learn how to sort vocabulary

      Teaching Contents:

      1.Words: A. free birthday wallet already

      B. sticker ,present , yo -yo ,idea

      2.Phrases :A. go shopping, be free , a lot of , carry bags , comic book , pencil box, music box

      B. shopping mall ,hair clip ,photo album

      3.Sentence structures:

      A. Simon 's birthday is coming up . What do you think ?

      Do you have any good idea ?

      I want you to go shopping with me today .

      B. I need you to carry all the bags .

      He likes playing football very much .

      Teaching procedures:

      StepⅠ Presentation.

      The teacher comes into the classroom with a smile and says :Today I am happly because it is my birthday ,please sing ' Happy birthday to you ' for me .OK, Let 's start .

      Showing a CD and say :I have a present from my friend .Ilove it very much .

      Teach the new words :birthday . present

      StepⅡ Practice

      Show the picture and say :Simon and Sandy will both have their birthdays next week .Amy wants to buy some presents for them .Do you like these presents ?How do you say these presents in English ?

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