Mother's day is a holiday to thank his mother. In the United States, Canada and some other countries, every year the second Sunday of may is mother's day. On the date of the other countries are not the same (see all countries in the world mother's day date). Mothers on this day would normally receive gifts. Carnation is regarded as dedicated to mother's flower.

  Festival originated in ancient Greece. On this day, the ancient greeks to Greece Hera pay tribute to the mother of the gods. To ancient Rome, the scale of these activities becomes more big, to celebrate the grand often last for three days. And, of course, the ancient people worship of the goddess is only a superstition, it with people today is very different to the respect of maternal. In the 17th century, mother's day spread to England, the British fasting period of the fourth Sunday as mother's day. In this day, go out in the outside of young people will return to their home, to bring small gifts for their mothers.

  The modern mother's day originated in the United States, by Anna jarvis (AnnaJarvis, 1864-1948), she never married, always accompany beside her mother. Anna jarvis's mother has a kind heart, caring, she should be a day to commemorate the obscurity to contribute the mothers, but this desire has not yet realize she died. Her daughter, Anna jarvis, in 1907 began to organize activities, apply for mother's day become a legal holiday. Festival on May 10, 1908 in the official start of the American West Virginia and Pennsylvania. She had personally arrange ceremony in the church, organization activity, at the same time requirements to participants on the chest to wear white pink. This activity, has caused many people's attention and interest. The following year, have more churches are organizing the same activities.

  In 1911, to celebrate mother's day is very widespread, not only spread to every state in the United States of America, and Canada, Mexico and South America, some countries also begann to celebrate this festival. The United States of America have the propaganda leaflets for mom on mother's day with ten different words print and distribute to all countries, in order to expand the influence. Celebrate mother's day since few years, the movement of the boom has redoubled. In 1912, the United States of America set up the mother's day international association. In May 1913, the United States house of representatives unanimously passed a resolution, called on the President, house and senate, and the federal government and cabinet all officials are wearing white pink on mother's day. In 1914, the United States congress officially named the second Sunday in May as mother's day, and ask the President issued declaration, called on officials to display the flag on all public buildings. Then, President Wilson announcing to the national citizens also hang flags on their homes to show people for all the mother's love and respect for the United States of America. The President of the United States has since been held every year to publish a declaration of the same content.

  In 1913, the U.S. congress will determine the second Sunday in May each year as legal mother's day, and on that day every family all want to hang the national flag, to honor their mothers. And Anna jarvis's mother's favorite carnation has become the symbol of mother's day.







  A mother's love never wavers. So there is a special day for her — Mothers' Day. Do you know the story behind it?


  Nowadays many countries celebrate Mothers' Day, though not all on the same day.

  Mothers' Day in the United States is on the second Sunday in May. Most countries celebrate Mothers' Day as the United States does.

  1907年,美国的安娜•佳维斯呼吁设立母亲节。She wrote to many people about her idea. 在她和她的支持者的努力下,人们都接受了这个提议,并确定五月份的第二个星期天为“国际母亲节”。Mothers often receive carnations on Mothers' Day. 因为安娜的母亲最喜欢康乃馨,所以这种花也就成了节日那天送给妈妈的“专用花”啦。

  今年的母亲节是5月14号。你有没有准备要送给妈妈什么礼物呢?People usually send flowers to their mothers. 送花的时候别忘了做一张贺卡放在旁边,上边要写上祝福的话:

  Dear Mum:

  Please accept my love, today, and every day.

  You're the coolest mum in the world!

  I love you, Mum!

  当然啦,如果你的零用钱不够,你只给妈妈送一张贺卡,妈妈也会很高兴的。If you help your mum do some housework, she will be very, very glad.

  Mothers are great because they bring us into this world. They do a lot for us. 她们永远值得我们去尊敬和爱。其实,每一天我们都可以向妈妈说出我们的爱。Tell your mother you love her. Every day should be Mothers' day.