While the Han court was in chaos Dong Zhuo marched his 200,000 battlewise Xiliang troops into the capital of Lüoyang. He forces Liu Bian to quit the throne and made Liu Xie the Emperor Xian and himself the prime minister. As he rode roughshod over the emperor, manipulated power for personal ends, and had acted extremely cruelly, all ministers and generals wanted to get rid of him.

  Cao Cao, a wise and resourceful army officer, had long wanted to kill Dong Zhuo. One day, he came to see Dong Zhuo with a borrowed blade. the latter was sitting in his bedroom, his brave step-son Lü Bu standing by his side. Inquiring why he had been late, Cao Cao said, My horse was slow. Dong Zhuo, now it's your time to die. But fearful of resistance from the old but still strong Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao waited for the right moment. As Dong Zhuo was a very large man, a while of sitting tired him and he lay down facing inward. Taking the chance Cao Cao unsheathed the knife. It so happened that Dong saw his move in a mirror. He looked back and asked Cao Cao what he was doing. Just then Lü Bu returned with a horse. The quick-witted Cao Cao made up a story, I chanced to secure a very unusual blade the knife to Dong Zhuo. Sure enough, the blade was extremely sharp, and about twenty some centimeters long. Delighted, Dong Zhuo told Cao Cao to have a look at the chosen horse. Outside, Cao Cao pleaded for a test ride. He then leaped onto the horse and sped away. He must have come to murder me, said Dong Zhuo to Lü Bu. I aGREe, the latter chorused. They sent soldiers to give chase, but by then, Cao Cao had fled out of the eastern gate.


  校尉曹操,足智多谋并早有杀董卓之心。一日,曹操借王司徒宝刀一口,藏刀来到相府。他走到小阁,见董卓坐在床上,义子吕布侍立于侧。董卓问曹操为何来迟,曹操说: 马走不快,所以迟了。董卓听后,命吕布选一匹西凉好马送给曹操,吕布答应着出去了。曹操心想,老贼该死,欲刺他,又怕董卓力大,没敢妄动,只好站在一旁等待机会。董卓身体肥胖,不能久坐,不一会,即侧身而卧。曹操见他躺下,急抽刀欲刺,董卓在穿衣镜内看见了曹操的动作,转身急问:你要干什么?这时吕布也牵马回来。曹操急中生智说:我得一口宝刀,欲献恩相。董卓接刀一看,长有盈尺,锋利无比,果然是一口宝刀。董卓引曹操出阁看马,曹操谢道:愿借马一试。然后快马加鞭往东南疾去。吕布对董卓说:曹操有行刺之举。 董卓说:我也怀疑。于是派人去追。此时曹操已飞马奔出东门,逃得无影无踪了。


  This is an episode from the Three Kingdoms. Cao cao sent a letter to Zhou Yu to summon him to surrender. Zhou Yu tore Cao's letter to pieces. Zhou Yu's classmate, Jiang Gan, was working for Cao Cao as an adviser, Jiang offered to travel to Wu to persuade Zhou Yu to surrender. One day while Zhou Yu was discussing with his subordinates how to defeat Cao Cao, he was told that Jiang Gan had come to see him. Zhou immediately figured out that Jiang must have come to persuade him to surrender. Zhou Yu devised a clever plan to thwart his efforts and enlisted the help of his subordinate to carry it out. Then he went to meet Jiang Gan all smiles. Zhou Yu took Jiang Gan's hands and marshaled him into his tent and treated him to a banquet. When all his generals and subordinates came for dinner, Zhou Yu told those around the table: “This is an old friend or mine. Though he came from the Cao Cao camp, he did not come to persuade me to surrender. Please do not suspect him.” After the banquet, Zhou Yu pretended that he had too much and invited Jiang Gan to his bedroom for a rest. Zhou Yu soon pretended to have fallen asleep. Jiang Gan took this chance to thumb through Zhou Yu's documents. He was shocked to find a letter from Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, two generals of the Cao camp, who had written Zhou Yu to surrender. Jiang hid letter of surrender in his pocket and returned to the bed, pretending that he was sill asleep.

  After midnight, someone sneaked into Zhou Yu's tent and woke him up, telling him “A messenger came from the Cao camp to say that Cai Mao and Zhang Yun were not yet a position to carry out their plan.” After he heard the news, Zhou Yu went back to sleep. Jiang Gan got up again silently and snuck out of Zhou Yu's camp. He crossed the river immediately and handed the letter of surrender to Cao Cao. Cao was enraged and he had Cai Mao and Zhang Yun executed.

  When the news spread to Wu, Zhou Yu burst into laughter and said, “Cai Mao and Zhang Yun were the two generals I feared most. Now I fear no one.” Before long, Cao cao realized that he was cheated by Zhou Yu's stratagem of sowing distrust in Cao's camp.



  Following the interlocking stratagems they had laid, Wang Yun betrothed his step daughter Diao Chan to Lü Bu, then, to sow discord between the two, presented the girl to Dong Zhou as a concubine. Lü Bu was furious, and each time he met Diao Chan, the latter feigned a sad tearful look. One day, while Dong Chan was in court, Lü Bu rushed back to Dong Zhuo's residence to see the girl. In the Fengyi Pavilion the girl said to him with a desperate look, “I have prolonged my life in disgrace simply so I could have a final meeting with you and let you know my feelings. Ishould have waited upon you but unfortunately Dong Zhuo took me by force. We can only meet in the next life…” So saying she meant to throw herself into the lotus pool. Lü Bu hurriedly held her back and swore, “How can I be a man if I fail to marry you?”

  Suddenly aware of Lü Bu's absence, Dong Zhuo, suspicious, rushed back to his residence to see Diao Chan was nowhere. The service maids told him the girl and Lü Bu were in the back garden. Dong Zhuo rushed there and at the sight of the two, roared with anger. Lü Bu fled. When Dong Zhuo got back to his bedroom he saw Diao Chan's face was tearful. Being demanded for an answer, the girl said, “I was enjoying flowers in the back garden when Lü Bu stole in to take my liberty. I tried to escape but he drove me to the pavilion with his lance…” Before long the interlocking stratagems worked out-Dong Zhuo was killed by Lü Bu.

  按着王允和貂蝉商定的“ 连环计”,王允先把貂蝉收为义女许给吕布为妻。为挑拨董卓与吕布的关系,后来又把貂蝉送给董卓为妾。吕布见貂蝉被董卓霸占,心中愤愤不平。貂蝉在吕布面前也假意伤心落泪。一日,董卓上朝议事,吕布忙跑加相府来会貂蝉,二人来到风仪亭,貂蝉凄凄切切地说:“我忍辱偷生是为了见将军一面,表白我心意,我本应该服侍将军,现在却被董卓霸占,今日见面,我心意已了,今生不能作夫妻,再等来世吧!”说完纵身要往荷花池跳。吕布上前抱住说:“我今生不娶你,绝非英雄!”董卓在殿上正议事,回头不见吕布,心中疑惑,急忙回府。进后堂找不到貂蝉,问丫环才知貂蝉、吕布在后花园。董卓急赶到后花园,向二人在吼一声,吕布转身就跑。董卓回到卧室,见貂蝉哭得泪人一般,责问貂蝉说:“你为什么私通吕布!”貂蝉哭诉道:“我在后花园看花,吕布进来调戏我,我急忙躲开,他提画戟把我赶到凤仪亭……”,后来,董卓找吕布追问貂蝉被调戏之事,吕布反目刺死了董卓。