Spring is like a painter, painted with a vibrant color.


  The hills get clear, the rivers rise, and the sun blushes。


  Spring is coming! You see a riot of colour of the flowers, the lovely grass, trees, birds, beasts, insects, fish.


  I love the spring, because the spring is full of vitality, full of new hope!


  The river, only a naughty little tadpole swam, as if looking for its mother, very cute.


  Earth, suddenly, the earth all things recovery, the Ukrainian language flowers, showing a faction angry.


  The cuckoo in the spring on the stage, playing a wonderful music.


  Is a gentle spring rain, and the rain was beating in the bamboo, bamboo leaves.


  The weather changed, xixilili spring up underground.


  Bright spring days, Spring is in the air., green everywhere, like a beautiful emerald grass.


  Spring girl came to the earth, the earth covered with green.


  The spring sun is not very warm, but a light increases your heart and body of the heat.


  Cuckoo singing in the field clear, beautiful azaleas flatter in restless spring.


  The wheat fields, vast expanse of green, as if the green wave.


  Spring scenery is really beautiful ah! The air is so fresh, I love the spring here.


  1、The clods of earth by the sun is very hot, a few black brown belly cricket, on the spring like jumping.地上的土块被晒得滚烫滚烫的,几只黑褐色的大肚蟋蟀,安着弹簧似的蹦来蹦去。

  2、Hometown of summer, quiet, green, beautiful, colorful.家乡的夏天,静谧,葱茏,秀丽,多姿。

  3、In autumn of the south wind came new wheat aroma and wormwood breath.夏末秋初的南风刮来了新麦子的香气和蒿草的气息。

  4、In summer, the drizzle, highland barley seedling "to drink the rain, the grass be riotous with colour of flowers blooming.夏天里,细雨蒙蒙,青稞苗“咕咚咕咚”地喝着雨水,草地上开满了五颜六色的野花。

  5、It was terribly hot, not a breath of wind thick air like froze.天气闷热得要命,一丝风也没有稠乎乎的空气好像凝住了。

  6、It was terribly hot, not a breath of wind, like the thick air froze.天气闷热得要命,一丝风也没有,稠乎乎的空气好像凝住了。

  7、One summer night, the stars in the sky shining, the breeze dispelled the daytime heat, the earth was quiet.夏天的一个晚上,天上星星闪烁,一阵阵凉风驱散了白天的余热,大地一片寂静。

  8、Summer breeze, with Chinese date and the rose flower fragrance, floating into the simple and comfortable living room.初夏的晚风,带着枣花和月季花的幽香,飘进这间简朴而舒适的客厅。



  autumn is mature it is not so shy the spring and summer is so open, so to winter.


  after the autumn night. the moon is down, the sun is not, only a piece of ulam day; in addition to night things, what are sleeping.


  grass yellow, yellow leaves, i heard the wind on the leaves rustle.


  autumn is quiet, in this season you can calm down to taste the life of each section.


  autumn, in a tense after harvest, suddenly everything faded, boundless land pale yellow bare.


  autumn is coming, the fruit is ripe. the pears, red apple, sparkling grape.


  the gorgeous autumn light, cool breeze, such as the torch raised sorghum, soybeans endless ringing bells.


  the autumn wind, cool breeze, flowers and trees, like a loving mother is humming a lullaby to put their children into the sweet dreams.


  into the fall, staring at a blue, yama buki, will overlap your figure.


  the autumn grass love, was depressed; huanghua unintentionally, overlooking the leading mountain. intersect, smoke curl, it is written endless autumn poetry.


  autumn is noisy, and only in this season to enjoy the joy of each harvest.


  the autumn winter although unlike the white clothes, but its orange clothes! and it's much warmer than the white one in the winter.


  autumn with a golden yellow, with a light footsteps, quietly came to the world.


  autumn is the harvest season. soybean, corn and sorghum are mature, tired and bent.


  your arrival in the fall, to bring people a long time of laughter, i wish you could stay more days, so that the friendship between us more profound!



  After the snow, the continuous snow decorating the world, Qiongzhi Yuye, powder-coated jade, Haoran uniform, is a happy scene of the rich years of Ruixue.


  The sun has just risen to the top of the hill, and is covered by bright red sunshine. The sunshine shines through the cracks of clouds, like numerous dragons spewing golden waterfalls.


  The sunshine piercing the clouds is like a golden thread, criss-crossing, sewing the light grey and blue grey clouds into a beautiful pattern.


  In the middle of winter, the sun seems to be afraid of the cold, wearing very thick clothes, the heat will not emit.


  When the rain stopped, the sky was like ink-splashing clouds, the distance was blue, and outside the small window was a lonely winter scene.


  Winter is coming! Winter is coming! Winter Girl came in a hurry, dressed in pure white, with a pair of scissors in her left hand and a fan in her right hand.


  After a heavy night of snow, a thick layer of snow accumulated on the roof of the city. Standing on the flat roof of a tall building, I looked out like a rolling snow mountain.


  The deciduous willows were covered with bright silver strips of fur; the evergreen pines and cypresses in winter and summer were covered with fluffy snowballs.


  The sun was greeting the sunset, showing a bright red face. Suddenly, thousands of golden rays passed through the treetops and dyed the water with a layer of carmine.


  A thin layer of snow, like a huge soft wool blanket, covered the vast desert, shining with cold silver.


  The sun shines through the thin clouds, shining on the vast white earth, reflecting the silver light, which makes people's eyes blossom.


  The glittering snowflakes fell on the palm of my hand. They looked transparent. Slowly, they melted.


  When they came to the bamboo trees in the north of the mountain, they stood firm on the grassland and the north wind blew through them. They shook their heads and seemed not afraid of the cold winter.


  In winter, the sky here is always gloomy and grey. The sun seems to be afraid of the cold and slips away from the east to the west.


  Just before mid-afternoon, the sun had withdrawn its faint light, as if afraid of the cold, and hid in the clouds as thick as cotton-padded tires.