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  This drawing, apparently, can be linked to the critical significance of doing small things. In the picture, the youngster expresses his worries about “disposing of nuclear waste”. To his surprise, his father points at the dustbin, telling him that if he can empty the dustbin there, he can do anything.

  The father means that if young people dream to achieve success, it is sensible for them to start with little jobs. Admittedly, in the present-day society, it is a common phenomenon for many teenagers to neglect tiny things in life, such as cleaning rooms, washing clothes and emptying dustbins. Why? The reason is that a growing number of young people find it rather useless to deal with these things. A typical example is the boy in the picture. Nonetheless, it is these small tasks that ensure youngsters to master sufficient knowledge, competence and experience. Actually, wise people in large numbers have come to recognize the significance of these small things. Doing small things brings us skills, arouses our passion for success and helps us to make progress.

  As a college student, I am convinced that it is exceedingly necessary for young people to strengthen our comprehensive quality by doing small things. Accordingly, we should educate and encourage our friends and acquaintances to foster this positive awareness and habit. We, sparing no efforts to do so, may witness a hopeful and promising future of our work and study. Everyone should bear in mind that a big success originates from everyday small progress.






  It is well known that due to the booming economy and increasing family income, studying abroad has become an increasingly popular choice for students. Although studying abroad is often praised by people for its advantages, there are still some disadvantages to be noticed.

  First of all, to study abroad is expensive. Specifically speaking, those involved have to spend a large amount of money on tuition and living expenses, which is not affordable for everyone. In addition, to study abroad is a great challenge for those students who lack the ability of living independently. If they can not take good care of themselves there, their academic performance will be affected to a large extent. Last but not least, to study abroad may exercise a negative influence on students’ mentality. As we all know, to study abroad equals to stay away from family and friends for a long time, which is likely to produce some psychological problems for those students, such as being solitary and gloomy.

  From what has been mentioned above, we can easily come to the conclusion that the disadvantages of studying abroad can not be neglected. What’s more, those students who are planning to study abroad should make enough preparations for these problems mentioned above. Only in this way, can they have a fruitful and successful study life abroad.





  The Challenges of Starting a Career after Graduation

  Facing the rising employment pressure, a host of college graduates choose to start a career instead of looking for a regular job in a company. As we all know that, starting a career is beneficial to realize one’s own dreams and value. However, it is also widely acknowledged that stating a career will be inevitably confronted with numerous challenges.

  When it comes to the challenges that we may meet in the process of staring a career, the main ones can be listed as follows. First of all, as freshmen who have just entered into the society, it is obvious that college graduates lack related experience, which will increase the rate of failure they may encounter during starting a career. Being short of entrepreneurial experience is one of difficulties that college graduates need to overcome. In addition, the collection of money is another problem they should solve urgently. Otherwise, there is no possibility of starting a career.

  Although starting a career after graduation has so many challenges to be solved, college graduates still need take a positive attitude towards it. Moreover, prudent consideration and entrepreneurial spirit are also necessary for graduates to start a career.












很多的朋友在大学的时候都会想要考英语四级,那你需要一些英语四级作文吗?下面小编就和大家分享大学英语四级作文,来欣赏一下吧。 做好小事很重要 This drawing, apparently, can be lin