My mother is a village woman, who is already in her fifties. She had very little school education, but she knows that knowledge is of great importance to young people. She often asks me how I get along with my studies and encourages me to study hard.

My mother takes good care of me and does everything she can for me, so that I can spend more time on my study.

Once she was badly ill and had stayed in bed for several days. When I got home to see her at night, I found the light was still on and mother was sitting in bed, making new clothes for me ! I was so deeply moved that tears came to my eyes.

Such is my mother, a kind and hard-working woman. I’ll respect and love her forever.







A Thanksgiving holiday, multicolored carnations sent to every family, the bright red carnations, like mother love warm. At the same time also represents the mother's day! One day, after finished the homework, I drew a lot of flowers on the desk at a sunflower, mother did not blame me when I come home, beside my sunflower also use English to write down "I love you!" , I immediately write down beside "me too!" . The next day, I put the desk tidy up very clean, and mom in the words "how clean the table!" , I saw the happy! My desk has become a big drawing board, I draw my mood down, mom write her whispers in the above. It is only we two people can understand the way of communication. Mother's day arrived, I on the drawing board to write down "mother I love you! Love than day high! Deep than the sea!" . Although I love my mother, but mother gave me love. Mother's love is infinite, I love my mother! I want to give mom a deep hug!






Today is Mother's Day.

In the morning,I brought some flowers for my mother by using my own money.

In the afternoon,I cooked the dinner for my family.

How delicious it is!

In the evening,I sent my mother a card which was made myself.

I wished her to be happy in the festival and suggested her to take more care of her own body.

What a nice day!









"How time flies, time flies." Year after year, time flies, time passed, the twinkling of an eye, the annual mother's day is coming again, someone says this month of may is XiaoQin month, though we should be filial piety, but more filial piety in May this month, especially on the second Sunday of may, which is "mother's day," to let my mother happy, more won't let my mother grew up hard teach us hard.

In reason, we should be filial piety the parents, however, because of the country in modern society, so parents for their children is to love, even, responsive, have reached the point where they spoiled, this makes the most of the children almost all is not very polite to parents, some even also abandon parents when I grow up, some people to kill their parents for money, it's lawless, hateful, and turns around.

So those who usually has no chance to filial piety child must by this month of may, to express their thoughts, to parents especially hard, and the modern mother again to go to work, and to take care of children and families, so we do children, mother's day must behave well oneself, whether to send CARDS or gifts, or even to help my mother do housework, be sure to let mother happy.

Finally, I want to say to mother: "you were laborious! Mom, I wish you a happy mother's day."


照理说,我们平常就应该要孝顺父母了,但是,因为现代社会少子化,所以父母对子女都很疼爱,甚至百依百顺,有求必应,已经到了溺爱的地步,这使得大部分的 小朋友几乎都不是对父母很有礼貌,有些人甚至长大之后还抛弃父母,更有些人为了钱追杀父母,真是无法无天、可恶至极、恩将仇报。





The course of a day after school, I went back to the house, then ran to the front, asked: "what do you want me to help you?" My grandmother said: "you go to sweep the floor, wash the dishes by the way." "Yes!" I said humorously, two to three to get these things done, help grandma package Glutinous Rice Balls, but my package Glutinous Rice Balls here is not broken, cracked over there, grandma looked at Glutinous Rice Balls, smiled and said: "that is not Glutinous Rice Balls package, package should be like me." According to the method of my grandmother, try to pack a bag, and a complete Glutinous Rice Balls, cooked Glutinous Rice Balls, her mother came back, saw the mother came back, I hurried to the kitchen, holding a bowl of hot Glutinous Rice Balls, holding to his mother, "Mom, happy holidays! You have worked hard! Glutinous rice balls, eat! " Grandmother and mother, grinning, laugh too much sweet!


Mother’s Day is coming, and I even want to say, “My mum is the most beautiful woman in the world.”


I still remember the day I bought a bunch of carnation for my mum. I will never forget the smile when she accepted the flowers. That Mother’s Day was wonderful. We had a small cake, a warm talk.


I consider mum as the most important person in a family. My mum is a great, great mum. I love her. I wish her happy not only on the Mother’s Day. More importantly, I wish her always happy and healthy.


Mother’s Day is coming. I decide to do something special for my mum. Thanks all mothers in the world. Happy Mother’s Day.



It was Mothers Day. Sun Zheng thought he should do something for his mother. He decided to help his mother do some housework. After school he went to a shop to buy some food on his way home.

When he got home, he did his best to cook some nice food,though he could do the cooking well. Thenhe cleaned the room. He felt very tired, but he was very happy.

When his father and his mother came back and saw the clean rooms and dishes which were so nice, they were very happy.They had their supper together. His mother said, Thank you,my child!"





Mothers Day is coming. But I havent made a gift yet. Im worried about it. Little orange lantern asked us to draw a green plastic bag by hand as a mothers Day gift in class.


First of all, the teacher gave everyone a bag. I looked at the white and flawless bag, and my head went blank. Fortunately, the teacher showed us samples. Otherwise, I cant draw it. Wow ~ each sample is lifelike, with lovely monkeys, beautiful KT cats, mothers face, panda holding balloon Then the teacher asked us to do it. I drew my mother and me first. Another arrow is drawn in the middle. I drew a little love on the periphery. Thank you for bringing me into the world. I love you! I drew another bed. I was sleeping in it. My mother was making a quilt for me. Youll cover me up late at night.


My drawing is ready. I saw a house painted by someone else. Others draw a hand and hold a winged love


Finally, I want to say, "Happy Mothers day."



I have the most lovely mother in the world.


She has long black hair, two thick black eyebrows, like two curved buds of the moon, and a small mouth.


Moms mouth cocked up when she laughed. Mother is very hard-working and kind.


On Mothers day, I gave my mother a big gift. I said affectionately, "Mom, I love you"!


Today is mothers day. Its mothers holiday. I thought of giving my mother the most meaningful gift. Send a bunch of flowers! Too vulgar; send a greeting card! Its too common; eat it! No grade. I thought about it for a while, or I couldnt think of it. So, I thought, go to the gift shop and see what can express my mind and see what is pleasing to the eye, and I will buy anything. Yes! In this way, I flew to the gift shop in general.

Pushing the door of the gift shop, the shop was crowded with pupils who bought gifts for their mothers. The merchandise was so beautiful that they made me pick my eyes. I didnt know what to buy, so I went to the shopkeeper and said, "Hello, auntie, do you have any gifts for your mother?" The shopkeeper took me over and said enthusiastically, "these three models sell well. Today is mothers day." I nodded a nod, I weigh a while, I think it is very good, the shape is a support, a red heart on it, red heart still engraved in English I think it is a red heart, does not symbolize my hot red heart? Is the red heart fixed on the bracket? Does it not mean that my heart does not change? Thinking of this, I did not hesitate to take out the money to buy this gift.

When I got home, I always felt that there was something missing, so I wrapped a beautiful box on the gift.

The clock struck six, and mom came back with a tired body. As soon as I entered the door, I took the gift out to my mother. Mother did not respond to it for a moment. After a while, my mother touched my head. His eyes flashed with tears and said, "my daughter is growing up!" At this moment, I have a lot of thoughts.

Although this is a very modest gift, but in the eyes of her mother, it is more important than her life. I must let my mother feel my love for her everyday.