We all get confused at times, but prolonged periods of confusion can cause us to feel that we are stuck in a never-ending, foggy web of uncertainty.


  To those who are currently caught up in the web of confusion, this may not make sense just yet, but stick with me.


  Here is what you can do to overcome your confusion and find the joy:


  1. Accept where you are.


  Accept the fog, accept the confusion and accept the feelings of "stuckness." This is usually a sign that more information needs to be delivered before you can move forward.


  2. Take a deep breath.


  Center yourself, and firmly state, "I don't know what to do, and that is okay." When you firmly state your uncertainty, you move out of the fog. The more you focus on your certainty, the more at peace you will feel with where you are at.


  3. Focus on what you know.


  When you are confused it can be easy to get stuck in a web of consistent, repetitive thoughts that appear to have no end and no beginning. To clear this, start focusing on what you know and what you feel sure about. When you do this, it will automatically help to weaken the cloud of confusion over your life.


  4. Be patient.


  Being confused is a sign of change and you may need to let the journey unfold a little bit more before you make a decision. Be at peace with that, and be at peace with the fact that you don’t have all the answers. Just accept the way things are and trust that inspiration will reach you when the time comes to make a decision.


  The beauty about being stuck and confused in life is that there really is no wrong turn or wrong path.


  Every road traveled is a blessing in some way, so take the stress out of life's decisions and trust that all roads really do lead home.



  Survivor Not Statistic!


  After enduring three years of abuse, and seeing it turn to my children I could not take it any more.


  Strength is more than the measure of muscle. Strength is the courage you muster to do even the things that seem impossible.


  That year there were 22,000 reported cases of abuse against children in my state.


  Taking my children from statistics to survivors was the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life.


  Not being afraid to speak out against domestic violence any more empowers me. Jump out on that limb and reach for the greatness you deserve, you’re not just a statistic, you are a human, you are survivor just waiting to break free.



  Not until you realize that life itself is a beautiful thing will you really start to live. Although living combines tragedy with splendor, life is beautiful and even tragedies reflect something engaging. If you were simply to live, do more than that; live beautifully.


  Through the sea of darkness, hope is the light that brings us comfort, faith, and reassurance. It guides our way if we are lost and gives us a foothold on our fears. The moment we lose hope is the moment we surrender our will to live. We live in a world that is disintegrating into a vicious hatred, where hope is needed more than ever but cannot be discerned. Finding that is rare while the world lives in fear, but the belief in something better, something bigger than this, is what keeps life worth living.


  Then you hear a baby speaking her first word, you see seniors holding hands, you feel the first spring rain, or smell the pine tree at Christmas, and remember that no matter how awful it is, there is always hope. No matter how weak we are, we will always survive.